Spectra is a special new PeerTube instance dedicated to supporting original content creators, and building the video community within the fediverse!

TL;DR - A month or two back, I launched an instance with a specific goal in mind: provide a home for creators that want to put videos out into the fediverse, without having to deal with storage space limitations or the hassle of maintaining their own instances. This motivation gave birth to Spectra. The service is invite-only, and I’m looking for creators that would like to get invited to the platform to upload videos. As a bonus, creators are entitled to basically unlimited upload space.

If you’re interested, reach out to me on the fediverse (sean@social.deadsuperhero.com) about getting an invite.

PeerTube kind of has an inherent discovery problem, when it comes to finding good content to watch. Granted, the project offers a global search system, along with a discovery tool for finding instances to join, as well as a way for instances to subscribe to the global firehose of a growing video catalog. However, I feel as though these are the wrong solutions for growing an actual user community - instance admins can end up with a video catalogue filled with crap that’s simply not relevant to anybody.

I believe part of the solution to this problem is by using human curation to focus creators into a space, and subscribe to a handful of other reputable PeerTube instances to get some kind of community engagement going. So far, we’ve got about 3 or 4 people actually uploading stuff locally. It’s a humble beginning! But, I’m looking to grow this little community further, because I think this effort could grow out the video part of the fediverse in a meaningful and significant way.


unfortunately I only speak in portuguese and my videos are practically minetest, but your project is very good :)

A free software to take back control of your videos

Peertube is an open, federated alternative to Youtube without advertising or tracking. On this site, you can find a good Peertube instance, with good rules, good moderation and most importantly a friendly community.


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