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Great rundown, thanks for the info. I’ll think twice about this one.

Can I ask why you don’t like the premise? Genuinely curious because I haven’t put much thought into it.

I just stumbled across this and it seems interesting. Sort of like Brave browser’s model but for search. I’ll just post the marketing blurb I found here instead of rehashing what they wrote much more eloquently than I could: …

Yep that looks like it could be a good step towards the goal however there would still be so many layers of abstraction to prove that whatever is calling the API is fully trustworthy. Without users seeing the journey from git to implementation it would be very easy for a dev to dupe a (non-technical) community by implementing a bot that can filter posts before they’re seen e.g. admin looking to manipulate a price could block any posts with the name of the competition.

That discourse blog post is great food for thought! Thanks very much

Maybe what I’m thinking of would require a fundamentally different, less configurable system where all parameters of a community are publicly on display in natural language, and these social features are built in and configurable from the start, on a per-community basis rather than site-wide.

Like a super granular permissions system with no API. But I would want an API… Not sure if I like my own idea haha!

I might just thinking too much about it but I’d really like somewhere on the internet to be a trustworthy forum to share knowledge or thought, in an organised way, that can’t be manipulated and doesn’t rely on external authority for the basis of trust (i.e. institutions/governments/etc).

It is indeed a people problem! I think we almost always use anonymity to protect ourselves but it could be used to protect a community from the admin/mod by diluting their power. I’m sure there are people way more clever than me who have figured it out already! Would love to see it.

Discussion - anonymous transparency/transparent anonymity for mods - what would be the best way to do something like this?

I’m thinking of starting a community for thouroughly researched investment and trading proposals (crypto/stocks/etc) …

From my comment that was posted clearly for you to see before you kindly informed me of what I know and don’t know:

I’ve got very little idea of how the fediverse works nor how moderation works on these types of sites

So with the way Lemmy currently works, could someone create a community, write some hate speech in the community description and that description stays up forever?

E: Apologies if it would have been more appropriate to ask this question in c/lemmy_support

That’s good to hear, I’ve got very little idea of how the fediverse works nor how moderation works on these types of sites so thanks for clarifying. I had a look to see if c/the_donald existed and although it seems to, I could see the following:

Make America Great Again removed by mod

No Posts.

Does that mean the community has been removed by a mod then or something else?