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What sucks (IMO) about having to use Agent Spoofers is that it seems like a positive feedback loop for sites to keep making stuff based on Chromium. If traffic metrics basically all show up as Chromium, then they would see less reasons to bother being usable by Firefox or even Safari. Kind of like when the top brass of a company are surrounded by “yes men”. But I know it isn’t quite that level of bad atm. Though ad companies would more than likely rather deal with working with Google as opposed to allowing Firefox users to keep blocking things.

Hell yes! Is that on the main forums or a different site/app?

Chrome and the Chromium engine won due to being so integrated with Google’s services. All the stuff Microsoft got in trouble for in the 90’s, Google was able to basically pull off with great fanfare. Though we are seeing MS be extremely aggressive tactics with “requiring” a Microsoft Account to make use of big/interesting features. But somehow they still seem the most “thirsty” out of the three of them lol. I think the main issue for Firefox is that it can feel a bit too technical for the average person. Some of the warnings or informational alerts might make people misunderstand what is being presented as their being a literal computer virus or other malware infecting the computer. When it is just FF trying to spread awareness of various things that impact privacy (sadly much like eulas it comes down to “well what are ya gonna do? Not use X?!?”). But I think I will do my part in encouraging customers to try it. When we setup new PCs, Chrome is just seen as a default to add. So I will start adding FF as another option or in place of Chrome (seeing how Edge will already work for basically all school or work sites that use Chromium features). lol

Aside from seeing some possible options on https://alternativeto.net/software/frost-for-facebook/?p=1 (most seem to be free but proprietary or freemium). But if you only need it to basically just interact with some friends/family. Why not just use the website for the times you need it? Are there some specific set of features in Frost that are must haves? As I imagine that FB will keep tweeking things in order to make thrid-party apps/sites harder to function. I will say that the official Lite version of the chat app is much better than the full version (I like the idea of the chat heads, but got tired of them getting in my way). It seems to use less of my battery when I do end up using it.

Unless they really went out of their way to reduce the amount of buttons. I really don’t get why old games wouldn’t work (aside from just wanting to make people buy the new sets of course). It won’t impact me due to being basically all-in with PC gaming and still super sensitive to the motion sickness from VR. But given how much extra it costs to get the stuff for VR, it is messed up to create more e-waste since the stuff only works with a Playstation. Sony is an example of what happens when getting to the top. They do a lot of cool stuff when they aren’t the top brand with regards to consoles. But when they are number one the greed and fuck-shit just goes wild. Which is a shame. It isn’t like Microsoft and Nintendo are without their own fuckery. Sony is just the worst (IMO) at throwing out good will (or at least the effort put into looking like there is any) and goes all-in with ego tripping. Hopefully the hacking community will be able to help repurpose some of the hardware. Seeing how these old games will just go away otherwise. I miss actual backwards compatibility, especially when there isn’t an actual hardware/software reason for it to be missing. I will be eternally pissed about how they removed both PS2 hardware and software emulation from the PS3. They claimed it was a cost issue, but it doesn’t make since to remove something that they already spent money on and had in production. Sorry for the rant.

Possible, yes. Sadly too many libs are still too comfortable to get going at the moment. They have been trained to maybe “feel” about things being messed up, but not to do anything about it. The masses are still caught up in fighting and “owning” each other to stop the elites that keep the fighting happening. They are taught that voting is the most important thing, but also that voting for anything other than the two “acceptable” parties is basically the same as not voting or otherwise siding with the other team. We see sparks happen here and there, but they only know performance stuff (like some big marches and holding signs for a day or three).

They go home with a fake feeling of having done anything. But the parties just wait them out or say shit like “we hear and see you”. Then it just goes back to “normal”. People showed up for the 2020 stuff, but then the side that claimed to be concerned just funded the oppressors even more. We saw people actually storm the capital while yelling about freedom. Just to then take pics and maybe deface some things and leave. So even the ones that claim to want to “take back America” literally just left instead of doing anything mildly like what they claimed to want. I don’t support the fascist shit they keep buying into while claiming that antifascists are Nazis. But it shows that even the ones that go out of their way to talk so much tough shit aren’t really about doing shit. And those are people that try to out “patriotic” each other.

The main masses are too caught up in pretend stuff and just get annoyed at anyone that brings up politics and just repeat lies that they were taught (like communism being bad/evil/failed, or even that anarchy is 100% chaos and crimes). For them they just want to get done at work and be entertained. Comfort may not mean that they are rich or otherwise well off, but that they have enough to not want to lose any of it. They might even tell themselves that they wouldn’t allow something like Nazi Germany or the other fascist nations happen. But they ignore signs and just keep going along. They miss the part where fascism didn’t just happen over night and all of the people were just trapped without hope. Also the pretense of our media being all about truth, while other media in other nations is actually propaganda. They see both left and right as being the same, and place such an extreme on centrism being the solution to everything. Even though they still end up being pulled to the right of middle and believe that private interests are correct because government stuff is default bad (but somehow also correct as long as the private companies say so).

Though if the greed of companies and lack of any helpful stuff from the government keeps happening. Stuff like healthcare and costs of living (or even education debit) might be enough to wake up more people. However the opportunists and grifters are damn quick at keeping them blaming the wrong people. So then the energy is wasted if we can’t get to them first while they might be open to understanding.

Fucking inspiring and shows how much more the masses are involved. The US doesn’t have anywhere as much public involvement in our laws and especially our leaders don’t make said laws written in language the average person can understand. Legalese being the language of the ruling elite needs to end. Every time I try to read a bill as-written, I feel so stupid because it seems that every sentence has been so over written intentionally. They are written so they can still get around them and therefore only used to keep the masses oppressed. Also feels like 80~95% is just bullshit extra fluff, like how students do in order to meet a page requirement.

We really need for the phone makers to stop acting like RAM (and storage for that matter) is worth more than gold. The jumps in prices in various storage versions of phones wreaks of profit markups. Like how stores will take stuff like HDMI cables that cost like $2 to make or buy from the cable makers. But then turn around and put “fancy” sounding buzz words on the box and charge $50 for them. I can’t believe how long it has taken for even mid and high-end phones to get 4GB or more of memory. But I am guessing at a certain point they want to make sure the devices start to “feel” super slow to keep people upgrading ever two years at least.

We most certainly aren’t union (though I do wish we were, and I do very openly talk pro-worker/anti-capitalist). I would sign a card the second one were to be presented. I have actually been perma-banned from multiple un-official subreddits that are about the company for saying the “forbidden” word. If we were to try and do it, we would need to have multiple locations also be down. As the main fear is about how they “will shut our store down fast as fuck”.

I started with the pins and face-masks during all of the protests in 2020. Just initially figured I’d just keep wearing stuff until someone finally stopped me. But aside from corp banning hats for some reason that literally isn’t related to me (I am for real about that too). I only ever got told I couldn’t wear my mask that said “Antifa” and another that was left unity (mostly because it had an AK).

It would probably surprise you how I haven’t had any customers/clients go out of their way to attack me or even send shit to my bosses (especially given I live in the middle of NC). I even had a guy that I have helped here and there over the past 4 or 5 years and is/was very right-wing be concerned if any of my co-workers have come at me for my openness. He has over time become more apolitical because I have shown him how to better use the internet. Still a very strange guy, but he truly respected how I firmly stand for real-ass working people and that I went waaay above and beyond to work with him when we first met. He was even a big fan of my “Mao hat”, and said it looked good on me. lol. I had one older black couple be super jazzed to see it too. The husband was a Vietnam vet (which I was thinking would go badly when I saw his vet hat), and he just kept going on about how great it looked. His wife also said that it made me give off very proud vibes (kind of like how some folks talk about liking a man in uniform).

We also have a wall in the back of my area that we at some point started putting up stickers we had found laying around. I have covered most of it in leftist shit (including some fuck cops type shit just without profanity). After three different direct bosses and a GM, no one even tries to stop me at this point. Though I am sure if a much higher up person were to see me and the wall, it would be a firm ban on my nonsense. Until then, I openly try to answer good-faith questions other folks have. Which seems to really soften their stance on socialism and see how little they actually know about it (outside of the constant shit being said in our media and from politicians).

I am much much more visible than what you are trying to do. But I wear a reproduction oldschool PLA hat (aka Mao hat), and even a hammer and sickle pin on my work uniform (sometimes also a Marx pin). I had a lot of fun with cloth facemasks (got stuff like antifascist action, left unity, hammer and sickle, YPG, pro-Palestine). Even just wearing the hat, I get a pretty good amount of random leftists making a point to get my attention or outright start talking with me.

All of this really doesn’t help you, but it is fun to have those moments and know they know. One that I think would work for you is the anarcho-communist/antifascist/CNT-FAI flag. Most people don’t seem to notice that one unless it has the “Antifascist Action” words. I think some folks that aren’t aware of it might just think it is some kind of nautical thing. The “Three Arrows” might also work, but it does rub some folks the wrong way (given that one of the arrows originally was against communists). But I personally replace its meaning with capitalism given how it isn’t used by any political party in the US and is just seen as another antifascist symbol. Or something ACAB might work, I have seen shirts that have it seem like it stands for “All Cats Are Beautiful”.

And they will keep yelling about how leftists are all actually Nazis while literally burning books. The worst kind of fascists are all fascists, but the next in line are the ones that don’t seem to realize that they are. The combination of massive corp greed across all media has done the real work for indoctrinating so many. Doublespeak and gaslighting all the culture war stuff. The right is doing a terrifyingly good job at making people actually proud to be ignorant. It is “American” to be consumed with placing individualism above community. So convinced that any and all assistance programs are “evil” or that we can’t “encourage laziness”. Which is ironic given how folks that claim this shit are among the worst offenders for grifting or otherwise scamming people that do work hard. The “pro-law and order” folks are among the worst offenders of literally breaking laws and threatening people and property (which they won’t STFU about how "Antifa is being trucked into places in order to break shit). I wouldn’t lose sleep if I ever had to put down any of them, as they are only tripling down on their stances and open threats. Not willing to just take the L on shit they have been, or currently are, wrong about (which is admittedly a big step ego-wise). Which is why I do try to do what I can if I manage to get a good-faith conversation going, and I see them actually having their mind blown. But that requires a lot of factors lining up and time isn’t on our side atm.

I wasn’t aware that there was a Linux implementation of Bitlocker. Do you have any links that might be worth looking at? I am willing to try anything that might help with these Optane+NVMe drives when the computer they came out of doesn’t work.

Optane on consumer laptops has been a huge pain to deal with. It has lead to so many very frustrating moments where I have to explain that their computer actually has two drives but they are seen as one. I have also been running into “fun” moments in trying to get data off a Optane+NVMe SSD that Bitlocker was also on. Non-Optane drives pop-up a dialog box that allows the owner’s recovery key to be entered and then unlock the drive to get data. Optane+NVMe drives will only show up in Disk Management, but will also claim to be dramatically larger than they really are (a 32GB+512GB one might show up as being like 2TB protected). So even if I have the Bitlocker key, it doesn’t matter because unless the unit it came out of boots the drive won’t show data anywhere else. Though I am more than willing to hear any methods for getting around this issue. If we can get NVMe drives as fast as Optane, or just make large Optane only main drives. But I am guessing cost is the main thing stopping that for consumer level stuff?

Seeing how the UN just allows the US to keep up the Cuba embargo even after all other members (aside from Israel) voted it should end. I fail to see how this really would do anything. The only nations that would be hurt from UN actions are basically less economically dominate ones and/or ones that the US has it out for. If a smaller nation is tight with the US (like Israel), it gets support that makes the sanctions slaps on the wrist. It might be possible for the UN to be helpful if it were able to lift all embargoes to places like Cuba, DPRK, Iran, etc and not fall to pieces/back down when the US cries about it. The US is a very important market of course, but if the rest of the world effectively formed a picket line and refused to trade with the US. Then we might see a more diverse world. Right now would be a perfect time to do it. Due to the capitalist greed of the US private sector, so many parts of the US manufacturing isn’t in the US. Lots of very crucial raw materials are effectively looted from all over the world. As we have seen with the pandemic and the supply chain stuff, the US can’t afford catching even a tiny sample of the same embargoes it continues to place on other nations. China is doing a good job at winning over the hearts and minds of more and more nations. Even if it were all in bad faith (like how most western/capitalist media likes to claim), they are acting rational and giving a supportive stance. While the US has been going all world police everywhere and going around creating a constant fear cycle. To deal with the US is like paying mob folks “protection” money.

And of course the “correct” answer to capitalist systems losing to China means that even more money “must” go into the military industrial complex (instead of things that actually help everyday people or internal infrastructure). /s

The greedy capitalists wanting to not pay workers in their own nations and sending everything to China (which China was fine with as it meant getting to ramp up their infrastructure and start making their own advancements). Now that they have started to be undone the nations will start falling on acting tough and escalate the new cold war. All due to their own actions and finding every possible way to make numbers keep going up un-sustainably.

Truth. It just really really sucks that we are lacking in the time department for trying things out in ways that don’t make things worse.

While they do make some good/fun changes to Chromium, they are still just forks of the same base. If all browsers just become based on Chromium, we still lose out from a code base point of view. Just like we already see with all iOS browsers. I worry that we are seeing a new IE situation, just with the ability to put different skins and some additional features. Even if those features are well done and honestly bring some good functions (I am a fan of Vivaldi’s built-in gesture and visual customizations and Brave’s attempts to try something different with ads and crypto). But a major exploit in Chromium creates a situation where all other browsers based on it will also be exploitable. Even today I still run into moments where something goes wrong with something a site has changed breaks all my Chromium browsers, but Firefox works without issue. Obviously a random thing with limited situations. I was happy to see Chrome and Chromium join IE, Firefox, and Safari in the browser competition and aiding in the push to make web standards be respected. As we already saw how much IE’s disregard for following standards lead to it being the literal only option for fake reasons. We also have seen how Apple’s Safari is trying to do the same thing in a very large amount of the mobile/tablet space.

Don’t go kink-shaming how he chooses to get tha (vitamin) D! lol