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Fortunately I only have to deal with it at work while repairing and setting up peoples’ computers. And it does mean I get to see the messed up tactics that are being used on average “non-techie” people. I take pride in removing bloatware and turning off many of the settings in Windows that like to “suggest new features and apps”. And I damn sure make a point to add uBlock Origin to all the browsers. Given how these companies just go nuts with BS “notifications” (the AV programs are the worst, especially the ones that the person is already freaking paying for). It is honestly hard to tell people what is and isn’t a real alert or is just up-sale shit. And the scammers online are hard to inform them about because those “alerts” look just like the “official” ones. Even just trying to go straight to the OEM sites like Dell or HP just cover your screen with shit and freaking surveys before you have even searched anything. The current internet is just corpo shit, scammers, and advertisements that cover up the actual content.

Not Microsoft, but HP also does some shit like this with their software on new PCs. When you first launch the Support Assistant to check for driver updates. Pops a message that asks for your info and their isn’t a visible button to answer “no” right away. Just the info fields and a submit button. BUT if you wait about 20~30secs a new link shows up that says “We can share information later”. Just appears out of nowhere and looks more like a hyperlink instead of matching the “Submit” button style. Good news is that there is a box that can be checked on another message that pops up that allows you to tell it to not show that info box the next time the program is opened. And some of the “free” AV programs like to show “cutey” messages and pictures of sad faced cartoon animals or emojis with sad text. These companies know what they are doing and it is basically gaslighting and/or subliminal messaging.

I would love it to be that straightforward (aside from the massive amounts of lives that would most certainly be lost). The fucked up part is that given the size of the US and the various types of environments for people to spread out into. It would be either nukes right from the jump if the US is directly attacked (especially the second that boots hit the mainland). If a super unlikely amount of self-control does manage to win out in the military and political leaders and they aren’t just all launched. Then it will be super long protracted guerrilla war (and an active civil war between the right and left) in occupied areas with direct support from whatever other areas are still under US control (or from China in the cases of leftist held areas).

Given how the vast majority of people are still blindly believers in capitalist propaganda. It will mean that the working masses will stand against anything that has been taught to them as “actually being worse/evil”. So they won’t see the reality of being able to take the chance of economic liberation that the anti-capitalist systems offer. Leftists in any areas that the US controls will most certainly be rounded up by fascists and other right-wing factions, along with the centrists/moderates supporting the round ups. And all that is just if a direct attack were to hit the US. Even with all that, the US would have the Navy and other branches stationed around China go all-in. I think the only way that nukes would have any chance of being off the table (short of all nukes being completely taken out first) would be if allies of the US would only agree to help if they are taken off the table as options.

The only way I could see it working out in a socialist nation(s) victory without the end of the world for everyone on it, would be if the left could somehow manage to wake up millions and millions of people in every state and region. Otherwise the masses will just hate China and support shit that would make what happened after 9/11 look like some super educated shit. Reactionaries have been running shit and have the means of political and media capital. That being said, if the US for some reason or another makes the first attack. Then China could gain some real support up front and it could then lead to a civil war in the US over said attack. At which point it could at least lead to some states leaving the union (would be good if they leave and become socialist or even just having large regions take up the black flag of anarchy).

It would be kind of funny if such a situation were to somehow be the thing that lead to the red and black blocs working together and having agreements that various areas were to be able to try out different things. Given the US is so fixated on “individualism”, and how large the current nation is. I could see Anarcho-Communism being an easier way to get broad support in more rural states/areas. Would also be good if China were to focus on aid and support and not take a more traditional “we now own this” stance. The right would just call whatever we have as its own thing a puppet state of China. But they could very much help the new state/states form socialism with North American characteristics that would be needed to suite the material conditions of the masses here. And if some areas go with a more anarchist way of things. Let them give it a try as long as both (socialists and anarchists) can respect the space of the one anothers’ attempts at a new world. Though I know that this idea is more a “nice idealistic thought” by some and will be laughed at by hardliners of both black and red blocs that read it. So please know that I do understand even just historically speaking many reasons that such a leftist unity wouldn’t be allowed. Just don’t drag me too hard for a personal belief/dream of co-existence in a post capitalist world.

No matter what, the left really really needs to be making big wins right now in order to have any chances of a proletariat revolution. Good news is that ever since Trump and the more openly fascist groups started being in the news. More and more leftists (and even liberals) are at least seriously looking into or actively buying weapons (or at least taking time to learn about them and how to use them). And we have seen that both Millennials and Zoomers are more open to socialism/communism/anarchism being real options. Rise in unions trying to form is also helpful/hopeful.

Would be cool if someone where to make a “have I been pwned” check to see if you were secretly added. It is kind of fucked up to be someone that is on the list and literally have no idea or a chance to even appeal. Especially since being on such a big deal list could lead to you being added to other lists that can be used against you in so many ways. Much like how people that get falsely dragged through the mud by all major media outlets and their talking heads. But when they are found to be innocent (even with 100% proof), those same outlets either don’t report about it or not put the same effort into correcting the stories. So the accused just keeps being treated as monsters because most people only ever saw/heard the false accusations (and the media outlets really only get profits from building more and more drama). It is also possible to be falsely targeted if you have the same or similar names.

So the state where it is understood that you can trade beads for boobs while wasted af is the first to stop you from seeing boobs in private in your home? I am starting to wonder if any of the lawmakers own stock in (or is getting donations from) VPNs. lol, the part about it being required for sites with 33.3% or more porn is a weird metric to sus out. Does it also include adult text stories?

Editing to add the following Would the 33.3% adult content also include stories that are all text and no images or other media? If so, then a lot of fanfiction sites will also need to be checking IDs in Louisiana. Which would be kind of funny. At which point is it considered “adult” instead of “art”? It could be argued that sites like Twitter and Instagram could have enough posts that qualify to be 33.3%. Also would sites with lots of gore or violence (anything ranging from accidents that were really bad all the way through stuff like conflict zone footage/pics) count? Given that ultra-violence is often allowed but seeing consensual boobs is automatically cut/censored, I imagine the violent stuff will be ignored.

The US used 9/11 as an excuse to openly spy on everyone in or out of the US. So of fucking course they will be expanding even deeper into its allies’ systems, and it will basically have permission to do so. Not like France is some kind of saint either, but they should be very very concerned (along with all the other nations) about what is going on. Russia doesn’t even need to be making any attempts at cyber attacks for the US to start drumming up more and more fear that conveniently requires giving access to everything. If Russia/China/Iran/etc were to even ask if any other nation wanted their help in checking for US intrusions. We would be seeing non-stop attacks in the media about how they are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. It would be awesome if this shit got more and more “allies” of the US to wake the fuck up and stop just going along with it. I wouldn’t be shocked if the US were to plaint shit while looking for supposed Russian intrusions that can be activated to both punish said “allies” while also getting more nations on board with letting the US “help” them “before it is too late”. Can just make up lies to justify attacking Russia. I am not a supporter of any nations involved in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. But even if you hate or love either nation, the US is the constant overall threat to the sovereignty of other nations when looking at long-term stuff.

Maybe they could release it as a Chrome extension/app? They have the Chrome OS recovery drive tool that lets you make a USB drive. So I don’t see why they couldn’t have something that could update the controller via USB cable. But I also am not a coder/dev and lack knowledge of what can or can’t be done. It would be good if they can since they really wanted Chromebook users to game via Stadia anyway. Otherwise the Stadia app for Android and iOS was able to get updates going on the controller before anyway and could be used (if they wanted). And if any of the ideas above don’t work, then maybe it could be made to work in WINE?

Hell yes! I was really going to be annoyed if they would’ve just let all of the controllers become wired only or just more e-waste by default. Would be really cool if they open source it. At some point I had joined others in tweeting about it when they announced the end of Stadia. I had also said that it would be at least useful if they were to see if it could be adapted to work Luna since I think Amazon’s own controller works similarly.

THIS! All day, this! It makes things so much more usable to have any and all of the items you noted. Also is something that more normie users would need in order to at least “feel” like what they are used to.

I get the feeling that we will see a bunch of snake oil that claim to do this stuff. Especially in the education sectors, like the ones you are talking about. And given how much money higher education throws around for at least giving the image of protections and other theatre. It will be like all the PC “tune-up” programs that claim to be doing stuff to help, but just run things the OS already has or slows things down.

That all being said. As long as the tools for AI are made to be open and auditable. Then it could be helpful in giving a starting point for actual professors to double-check. But I also worry that many professors (and other folks) will only go with the AI answer and not bother to look any deeper. Since the hype-people for stuff like AI tend to do the same things that hype-people for other industries. They will constantly play up everything and make it out to be so much more capable that it actually is at the time.

I also worry that some false positives will come from students learning to write things in similar ways as the AI. People do often (IMO at least) seem to emulate stuff they interact with often. They see examples of stuff that is well written/done and try to copy the styles (because they want to get a high grade). Even if they aren’t students, folks that are really focused on “vibes” also try to copy things that they see getting results. Which worries me given how much style over substance is focused on in school and in the business worlds. AI could be a “fake it till you make it” person’s absolute best friend.

This stuff is going to be frustrating and difficult to figure out no matter what side you are on for sure.

I can only hope that this will inspire the surviving workers to take any and all revolutionary actions possible to stop it from happening again. The “just in time” bullshit completely removes all humanity from the workers in the eyes of the bosses and the rich.

The only part I don’t like about this is the asset forfeiture stuff. If it is used like it is in the USA, then it will get used to shake down tourists (no matter how super minor of a supposed offense). Though I can understand if the persons are actively fucking around and harassing folks.

But that is without having read beyond the article. So maybe it is more focused than what I said above. Always down for being able to import or pirate stuff though. lol

In before the private western mega outlets start calling it a “brutal crackdown by the authoritarian socialist government”. The same kind of stuff that seems to unify the most lib of libs and the conservatives in the US. I doubt that I will live to see an anti-capitalist USA (though I will still try to do my small part). But if the whole of Latin America (or other regions and nations of the “third world”) can keep going, we may in fact see enough change to take away control of global affairs from the US and other western powers! I just hope that they all manage to keep out the folks that are solely about power, ego, and greed. As it is those folks that the capitalist powers will support, and they are the ones that can be used to discredit all kinds of leftist parties/nations/orgs.

Death threats aside, it is obvious that this dev was already getting overwhelmed based on amount of user requests. Goes from being a labour of love/enthusiastic hobby, to being a thankless job without even financial incentives (especially when working on it alone). I hope that they release the code as open source so that those that did appreciate the work and can code could carry on. There are so many people that could keep it going, and could use it as a project for learning. Emulation of old consoles and other computing devices is going to grow in need.

I agree with your point about it being weird to auto-add search engines that aren’t Google/Bing/Yahoo/DDG. But I will say that (while it does randomly get frustrating) the lack of automatically adding search engines is a plus for non-tech users. I say this due to the absurd amount of client computers I work on. Obviously them somehow installing extensions that change the search and home pages will still happen (and does).

But Chrome is one of the worst (though Safari is apparently super susceptible to really nasty search hijackers/re-directors that get in deep af) about scamy/spamy search engines getting added and setup (many times even lists the name of the search in the selection list as being one of the big ones including Google). Also see massive lists of such engines ready to add as “discovered”. Where as it is super unlikely for FF to be hit by non-extension engines being set as defaults. It is of course impossible to fully protect everyone, and it is dumb to stop users that are vigilant of this stuff from being able to take off the training wheels.

I am just saying that from a dealing with this really specific situation I see everyday FF is doing well. Also being fair I find the DDG Bangs (and the same feature on Brave Search) to be better than just adding all the search engines. I just wish they (Mozilla) would make an extension that could do the same thing. No need to install really more than one default if you can just add a small variable at the beginning.

Also I am guessing that they will have keys to get around it when the Feds ask. Or maybe even just have them made for the Feds. When big players like Google really start pushing E2EE (especially when or if they make it standard for the most basic accounts). I start questioning if or how they might be working with (or at least might have undercover agents as employees in the right places) any or all agencies/departments of any/all the intelligence complex. Nice to have E2EE for at least protecting against some non-state actors of course. But if they build methods for decryption “for legal law/government access”, then it is only time before non-state actors also get access. Which then effectively results in non-secure messaging (email or other), just with extra steps.

They allow for the far-right and the Q folks to spread. By their actions, now Biden can’t trust his own SS agents without paranoia about who they support. The efforts to be seen as being the party that “works across the aisle” by intentionally gutting everything they present in all but the names of the bills. So we keep catering to and moving towards the right, while being told that we actually won somehow.

lol, that moment when those in power realize that they aren’t untouchable. Fuck Trump, but it is nice to see some small examples of Dems feeling the results of their own actions. Always shooting themselves in the foot with their allowing the right to dictate their actions instead of making attempts to listen to what the real left has been warning them about. At this point it would be at least entertaining to see Biden become a paranoid fuck losing what is left of his mind.

Would of course also lead to even more clampdowns on leftists of all flavors either due to creating more laws that will not be used against the right (seeing how conservatives tend to watch out for their own). Or it could lead to even more expansions to the fascist Patriot Act.

Really seems like the better use of money would be on the actual trial and not to just be out of jail until verdict. The real fucked up part I think will happen is that he will catch a real sentence to make an example. While so many of those that crashed the US economy in 2008 got off with light slaps on the wrists.

They should all be rounded up for their crimes against humanity (specifically the poor and working class). People that commit far less crimes catch far worse sentences (both in amount of time and the much more hardcore prisons to serve time at). White collar crimes like this should really catch much worse given the amount of lives that they fuck over.

Even if you (“royal” you and not making claims about Yogthos) are anti-cryptocurrency and happy to see it be hit with bad press. It still shows how financial or other white collar crimes are really the ones that fuck up so many lives but not treated as if they did. If the courts and the supposed “justice” system don’t want to offend their bourgeois masters by treating them like the real scum they are. Then it will fall on the victims and the workers to take charge and do what they won’t.

Still so much to do in order to get something that matches (or exceeds) the current ARM-based flagships. But RISC-V options for consumer phones is one more step forward with this and other efforts getting dev devices in people’s hands. ARM hasn’t really had competition since Intel gave up on their Atom line (not competition in a architecture way but in a low power way). RISC-V being open is a perfect foundation for companies that already make their own tweaks to the licensed ARM stuff. They don’t need to worry about having to re-negotiate terms that drive up price. I can’t wait to see whatever projects come next!

So the “flaw” I am seeing here is literally the capitalist part of it all. In some situations it may be the culture of “start-ups” where much more attention is paid to effectively “fake it till you make it”. And not being very firmly and honest about it being a very very long-term investment.

While I am not sure about places outside the US with regards to privately and publicly traded companies. The US legally requires that profits being paid to shareholders is the only thing that matters. So even if the real goal is to actually save lives by feeding people. If the shareholders’ greed for ever growing (and unsustainable) profits leads to gutting everything that basically isn’t hype grifter shit. Even though you need lots of workers to build and literally run the things. The company will self-injure in order to make the spreadsheets show even slightly higher numbers for money.

Cost of energy is more or less fake. In that the cabals of energy and fossil fuel producers literally choose to fuck with it. Like how OPEC will just choose to reduce production due to feeling prices are just too cheap and leads to the working and poor classes to suffer (while paying said companies for the privilege).

We need to put people far above profits. We need to be able to be able to come up with ideas and test and test and test, while knowing and accepting that failures are not to be hidden away. But the monetary profit motives keeps the cycles of grifting, greed, and oppression happening. All of the pros and cons should be used to help see what can or can’t currently be done to advance. Those that wish to taint this by feeding their capitalist greed for monetary gains at expense of our lives should be striped of everything and purged. Either just from being allowed to participate or from living anymore. If the first fails, then obviously the other must be done.

lol, almost reads like a joke/sarcasm post from GenZedong.

I agree that Mozilla could be of better help to other Fediverse programs. Like they should use something that would be easy for them to change over their blog posts or other long-form items (Friendica or Hubzilla). Mastodon is fine and all, but aside from the stuff already stated it would be nice to see them be a “safe” starting point for people. I could see them easily making use of Pixelfed or even PeerTube (PeerTube especially could make good use of having big names to get normies curious enough to try). Though if they want to stick with microblog stuff, I have liked the more interesting layouts that Pleroma and Misskey/Foundkey can have. I can only guess they are picking Mastodon because they think it is less confusing to people that have been hearing about it because of the Twitter stuff. Even if they don’t try the other options any time soon. They could maybe help or release extensions that help with Fediverse related stuff. If they do extensions then it doesn’t add bloat to Firefox for those that don’t use or care about it. Would like to avoid another Pocket situation. lol

So I ended up getting it to make a copy, I think my adblocker or another security extension was stopping the site from popping the option.

As to if you should have an downloadable version, it is up to you or the others that helped put it together. But given how quickly leftist information goes from pretty simple to overwhelming. I personally think that stuff like this is helpful for getting starting points on a broad range of topics. This may be specific to joining the CPUSA in this case. However other leftist orgs or versions (like Trots, Democratic Socialists, anarchists, etc) could also benefit from this information even if they still disagree. Same kind of thing would be cool to see from those other groups because all have theory and history which is/can be again overwhelming.

Maybe a PDF copy or another eBook style format would be a good idea. Though aside from your initial post causing some cautious reactions (which I know you have already made piece with). This is still a good version to share as CryptoPad is pretty nice. With there being so many ways to share and view stuff, it (to me) always seems to make sense to have information in whatever formats possible. Make it too easy so that it can be shared by that person to their friends/family/co-workers/comrades and from them to others. Again though, that is just how I personally think about stuff I find important and want to remove all possible excuses (within my control at least) from being able to access it.

Dope af! I will be getting some, and I shared the link to my chapter. So happy to see any chapter merch pop-up on the store. Just wish more chapters that have stickers/patches/shirts would get them listed. Stickers especially are less of an up-front cost for the chapters and not normally very pricey for those buying them.

Editing to say that I actually was able to make a copy to my own CryptDrive. I think my adblocker or another security extension was blocking the notification asking if I would like to store a copy to my drive. Leaving the comment up because good vibes.

Is there a downloadable version of the list/file? I saw this post first and then opened the link. I like how it is laid out and would like to have a copy saved to my CryptDrive or another account for more reading later on. Having some starting points for various topics is super helpful and can be of use for spreading around to people that I manage to make curious about communism.

Fucking awesome! Just installed it to Firefox and will add it to my other browsers. We need more easy/quick ways for knowing what efforts are going on at the moment that it is happening. It would be cool to see if it (or other extensions) could be re-tooled to be used for other pro-worker/anti-capitalist alerts/calls to action/solidarity. It being so simple to use also means that it could be easy to share with friends/family/co-workers without being frustrating.

Np, I was glad to see that they didn’t mess it up by only allowing their instance (which we all agree would be dumb lol). Not gonna lie, Vivaldi has come a long way and I love how they seem to be trying to bring back the old Netscape Communicator style suite of things. Firefox is still gonna be my main, but Vivaldi might be my new favorite Chromium-based browser now. Having a sidebar of active Mastodon feeds is pretty dope, and the RSS reader looks better than Thunderbird. The gestures are also better than the add-ons on Firefox and the other Chromium browsers. I wish Mozilla would at least release some official add-ons to allow adding some of this while keeping it compatible with the flow of the main browser.

Sorry for the rant, I am just really impressed and needed to get it out. lol

You can use other instances. You just have to click the + below where the Vivaldi instance icon is and enter the address of the instance you want. Then just sign-in from there and it works the same.

They show you how on this page: https://vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-5-6-on-desktop/

Edit: To add the link to the site that shows how to add other instances.

Nice to see! I have added the crawler extension and the search to my Firefox. Also I use the DDG extension because of the “Bangs” feature that allows quickly using other search engines. Which I love and keeps it as my default. So I just submitted !MWMBL on the DDG Bang! page so that it might be added on there. No idea if it will be approved of course, but would maybe be helpful if it is.

While the crypto part of it was a mixed bag. It really sucks to see LBRY/Odysee go down. While there is still PeerTube, it isn’t as easy for new people and easier to search for things and other stuff that being a more central site (while still doing the P2P serving of the data) makes easy. The P2P element was also nicely done IMO since it basically just downloads the actual videos to your PC (if you chose to participate), which made keeping offline copies easy for archiving or adding to home media servers. It also eventually got a somewhat basic app for non-PC devices like Roku that could be connected to my account and show the channels I follow. I tend to watch most of my stuff via my TV+Roku. Which means that I only use PeerTube randomly, and mostly if something is linked from Limmy. If PeerTube is able to get an app that can be signed into on Roku I would loooove to use it. Maybe some of the code used for LBRY/Odysee could be of use to PeerTube in some way. Even just having one app on PC that can be used as a front-end for users. Like be able to add or remove instances that have things you like, and maybe have an API for instances that don’t want to be searchable outside of members of said instance to be left out. Just sucks to see one of the more well known alts to YouTube go down with or without the crypto stuff. It was able to get a pretty nice amount of creators that I already followed on YouTube to at least mirror their stuff so that they had a fall-back if Google decided to delete their accounts or pull content that it feared advertisers wouldn’t like.

While I think I may come across as not liking PeerTube. I actually want to be able to use it more and see it grow into a real option for less technically inclined folks (it is atm a struggle to get my friends to try it out). And if any of the stuff above that I said I liked about LBRY are actually already part of PeerTube. Please let me know. I would love to find out that there is even decent unofficial channels/apps for Roku or other boxes! Or if there is a PC app that can act as a front-end for making it easier to find things and add stuff to my “watch later” or other playlists!

Always interesting to see random stuff like this. Though I am gonna ask the obvious question. Why not just find a way to increase the amount of coca in a coca plaint? Obviously the companies are allowed to have the drug. So unless this method means that fully created cocaine is going to just be on the leafs (like how THC builds up and can be sifted off). I currently don’t see why this would be better. And I didn’t see anything in the article explaining the “why”.

Does anyone have any ideas or outright knowledge as to why not just create super high yield coca plaints instead? Shit is very impressive and takes a lot of work to do what they did. So I hope it works out for them with regards to their end-goal.


I have only used it on Windows personally, but the GitHub does have info for Mac OS and Linux. It uses I2P but can run its own I2P connection without needing to also install the main I2P router. For the moment it seems to be not super populated due to lack of more people not knowing about it (IMO at least). The UI is fairly simple and “feels” like old-school P2P from the early 00’s. Setting up the folders you want to share might be a little less straightforward up front (at least to me). But it is pretty easy compared to stuff like DC++ while also having some chat options built-in. It also allows you to set the program for speed (no hops and not as anonymous) or for safety (more hops before arriving to or from).

But again, I have only used it on Windows at the moment.

I love how all of the big retail and service companies are treating drops in profits compared to 2020 as if it were smart to have based projections on that year specifically. All of them saw a massive influx of purchases and subscriptions due to people not being able to go anywhere or literally having to all of a sudden buy shit in order to work from home. I work a service position at a retail chain in the US, and have personally seen how my company both treated shit like they were about to go out of business (even though they made crazy big profits compared to any normal year), AND honestly base sales metrics and shit like that on said massive profits like it was something that would just keep going higher and higher. They sent out multiple fake pleas for everyone to understand “we have all had to make massive sacrifices” and how “we have to get rid of workers that have had multiple decades of experience because the company so badly needs more profits”.

Literally some of the most tone-deaf shit I have ever witnessed when I had to watch our CEO’s video messages. Fake sadness in trying to make thousands of workers “understand” why it was important to get rid of them because they want more money. Of course our current CEO is our former CFO, and those fucks literally only care about numbers and not the how or why. The capitalists do weird things to get a good “brand” image. Like maybe have lots of customer service workers that actually help customers with issues (not always just simply giving free stuff either, but actually hearing the people out). But the second they have a “good” year and see that it might drop (or God forbid stay level). Then they start getting rid of the very things that got the “good brand”. And just start getting rid of things and act like “why are the rest of you not ‘adding value’ or building real relationships with our customers?” It is always the workers’ fault and then they get such a low opinion of the importance of workers that they need to work.

I am willing to bet that if Amazon dips low enough, it will be yet another “too big to fail” bullshit moment. They will get no strings attached tax payer money and will purge workers anyway (while giving themselves those “much deserved” bonuses). Though maybe another round of that bullshit that still claims to pray at the church of “free market principles” while demanding free government aid/protection. It might actually awaken enough of the masses to start physically harming the CEOs/elites/politicians IRL. Which would be a boon for converting people to the left.

I hope as many workers as possible take advantage of this and refuse to go back to an obvious abuser. They have one of the best chances to say “fuck you!” to their former employer. Especially the ones that would cause the most setbacks. Maybe even inspire those that remain to leave or at least rapidly form a union while the abuser is being super obvious of how little they think of the workers.

Really seems to keep building the contradiction of the supposed might of the “free market” that we are always told matters more than us. We aren’t allowed to have bailouts of the masses. But private companies are allowed to become “too big to fail” and get bailouts without strings attached. The Chinese have been for my entire life the whipping boy for “took our jobs” along with Mexico and other financially poorer nations. But never any real rage at the rich fucks that made the choice to send jobs outside the US. China and other nations didn’t hold CEOs at gun point and force them to send jobs to them. But it is always spun as hostile actions when China does its own exporting of tech or when they freely spend money to buy shares of things.

A state playing by the rules of the all powerful “free market” should be able to buy whatever they want if it is being sold. But we see the “does as I say and not as I do” mantra in action when the US does shit like this. The US refuses to nationalize any of our industries (which could be used to fund stuff that helps people) all because it goes against privatization. Funny thing about that is that it means all anyone has to do to fuck everything up is get 51%. It is so obvious but somehow gets hand waved away due to corp greed (which has zero loyalties to any one nation as long as money comes in). The US is all the worst parts of any choices due to wanting so badly to have its cake and eat it too.

“Inaction until overreaction”. That slogan should replace every instance of “In God we trust”.

I really hate it when these kinds of “aid packages” are talked about like “The American people were being quite generous”. “The American people” don’t really have a say in the matter. Got tax money for everything but actual social programs that would help US citizens. Healthcare is always “too expensive” but weapons will always see increases in budget. Fuck all of it!

Fucking 100% correct! We are told every single time the push for universal healthcare comes up that “we can’t afford it”. But we got leaf-blowers of money for any and all things related to the military industrial complex. The budgets for basically everything else gets slashed and just gets redirected.