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It was such a weird choice to make a complete fork. Why not do something like ungoogled-chromium and maintain scripts to easily replace the problematic name and art?

I remember when Glimpse was announced I thought it was a bad idea, and my sentiment never changed.

Gee, it’s a almost like forking well-supported and actively developed projects without having any vision other than “What those guys do, but with a different name” is a bad idea.

I downvoted because this read like pointless nerdrage. The only way to completely avoid Google is to turn off the internet. There are many ways to limit Google influence, but those are much better explained on switching.software. Admittedly, there should also be a site urging developers to stop utilizing Google in their projects but such a site shouldn’t read like the blog of an angry 18 year old who just discovered the free software movement.

Well, allow me to RP Socrates for a moment and ask: What IS a “coercive and unjust” hierarchy? Too often, I’ve found people to be imagining those words to mean wildly different things. And obviously, if people can’t agree on what it means to be a “coercive and unjust hierarchy” then it becomes way harder to know whether you are fighting them.

(no, I’m not a fascist apologist. Fuck fascists. I’m just concerned about mob psychology sometimes taking on a life of its own, especially when it is fighting for a “just cause”)

None of the comment are about the actual article, so let me try:

IMHO VSCode is the undisputed best code editor on the market right now. I’ve found Atom to be cumbersome, and Geany and Brackets too lean on features that I need. As such, I’m rolling with the Code - OSS, the open source VSCode build. It has all of the most important things from VSCode, and I’m not gonna boykot an excellent program just because a greedy company rolls their own proprietary shit on top of it (yes, I use Chromium too).

all coercive and unjust forms of hierarchy should be dismantled

I found it a bit hilarious that the comment just above this one (in another comment chain) is removed by mod and the user was banned. Is using moderators on Lemmy a just hierarchy, I wonder :P

I understand why you cannot go “100% Free Speech Allowed” (and Contrapoints once made the best argument I’ve seen for why this is, but I found the contrast quite funny.

This is the instance, not the project. The code itself is still as apolitical as ever - even though I have yet to meet a fascist Rust developer.

That doesn’t invalidate the fact that antifa protestors did too, which I believe was the point of /u/I_Mod_Things comment.

This was my understanding as well. The open source nature of Lemmy means that if fash want to to have their own circlejerk instance, they can set it up.

Although, I’m wondering how the federation works. Will such an instance automatically federate with this one, or can it be manually blocked from such? I still remember all the hubbub on Mastodon after Gab set up their own instance, but I never really understood the technical part.

It’s literally on the top of the page you linked lol

The project is deprecated and no longer being updated. Use TUIR instead https://gitlab.com/ajak/tuir

I agree, but my point is that to the average user the value proposition is “Chrome is faster and works with more sites out of the box”, and that’s all there is to it.

Ethics do not matter in the face of merit of a tool’s workings.

This is the problem of much FOSS software in a nutshell: Often, the proprietary alternatives are easier to use or just plain better. As much as I like LibreOffice, it is clunky AF compared to Microsoft Office, and the main reason LO has gotten so much traction is not because of it being of superior quality compared to MO, but rather because Microsoft charges obscene amounts for its products. On the other hand, the reason Firefox overtook Internet Explorer wasn’t that it was open-source, but that it supported a host of new browser features (like tabs!) - and then, the reason it was replaced by Google Chrome was because Chrome was simply faster.

In too many areas of computing, choice of software is currently between ‘ethical’ and ‘good’.

Reading through their forum, at least in 2019 the general consensus seemed to be that quality would suffer at 30+ participants, so while 100 would technically be possible, the video quality would most likely look like dogshit unless you were hosting your own video bridge on a beast of a server.