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i don’t really use it but kmymoney seems nice

I have some crypto, but I don’t want Brave sending me presistent notifications to invest

which would help understanding it. maybe a single-use they could be better too than a random pronoun. and also I tested some other sentences: Egy ember (a person) was translated to a man. but Translate improved a lot in the last couple years since the translations make sense at least

Niccoló shows how to create your own Plamsa theme quickly using inkscape…

thanks, really useful

inspired by @pixotato on insta …


hi, I’m @aronkvh Really looking forward to this community and Lemmy attracting more people and communities

I was like wtf, but also they should be able to discuss their dumb theories

apprently someone posted about Aimee Challenor on r/europe and mentioning them even in private messages from now on results in a ban from reddit