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It’s OK, the company said sorry about that one rude guy, he’s fired, etc., no worries. Just kidding, they doubled down: https://github.com/Xmader/musescore-downloader/issues/130

The Dark Side of Phobos - OC ReMix album
Handy not official playlist on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQs48dvebck&list=PL2CF44A95DAD5EA96&index=2

The Legend Continues: [https://chexquest.fandom.com/wiki/Chex_Quest_PWAD](https://chexquest.fandom.com/wiki/Chex_Quest_PWAD)


CH Retro Episode (retroeps.wad) - Doomworld
This is an extremely good wad; it's like Super Knee Deep in the Dead 64 Pro Turbo.

I realize this is a stretch as a proper physics article, but I figured this is the right crowd.

Viruses are a form of life. I think the question “are they alive” is tricky only because “alive” is a crude idea. It oversimplifies reality. Naturally. That’s language for you. If you try to categorize things rigidly you’re going to end up with iffy edge cases.

Karma should be a trivial statistic at most. Go to user’s page, see their post/comment totals; they don’t really affect anything directly, but you can see the numbers if you want to go looking. Even limiting it to that, I think users should be allowed to hide theirs.

I have no idea what it’s really like now. I’m still clinging to the old, old, old interface style.


That’s hip with the kids’ lingo right.

Something about beating games, in more ways than one, in a way that includes speed runs and bugs and glitches, players being better than the games.


There should probably be a separate community just for play videos and high scores and that kind of thing. What would you call it?