Asshole Design
More info: Before anyone says "oh well maybe there's a genuine technical reason", it didn't have this restriction for years, and then suddenly started doing this. Also, the app communicates to Fido servers via an online API, and you're logged in to your account, whether you're on one kind of network or the other should be irrelevant because everything should be happening server side anyway. Also, it's not just "you can't be connected to Wi-Fi", it's you can't have Wi-Fi enabled period. Even when you're not connected to a network and it's already directly connected to data, it doesn't work. Also also, if you run of regular data but still have unlimited sessions left, you can't actually use them without first buying a data add-on, since you can't start your session on Wi-Fi and then switch to data.

Like I actually can't think of a reason for this. In fact, why even have those buttons in the first place?

This was in the Onedrive web client. Assuming the worst of Microsoft (which I think is reasonable), here's my theory: They want you to install the app rather than use the web client, that way they have more access to your phone or computer. This was also seen in Firefox and I haven't bothered trying it on Chromium, so it could potentially also be similar to the "anti-Firefox" tactics that Google likes to use (maybe Microsoft too since their new Edge browser uses Chromium).

Roku XDS 2100x - designed to die
Netflix pulled the plug on the Roku XDS 2100x in Dec. 2019. Then Roku themselves worked to make this device useless: * simple apps like the fish bowl app and the flames simulating a fireplace are gone (they're not particularly useful, but it indicates deliberate intent) * the Roku Store is inaccessible * media plugged into the USB port is not mounted -- that's right, you can't even use it to play stored media. This is not natural obsolescence -- this is sabotage. When this happened to the Wii, some people hacked it so we could continue to run apps on it. Roku doesn't have the same. If you buy a new Roku, then you become part of the designed obsolescence problem. If you call Roku at 408-364-1260, you get a recorded greeting saying they aren't even accepting voicemail for those asking for support. When someone [asks about recycling](, the answers are various ways to trash the device. Old Rokus connect to old TVs. When they disable the old Roku, the new media players can't drive the old analog TVs so they kill the TV too. Don't let them get away with it. Boycott Roku. Stop buying their new products if they're going to push consumers to fill landfills with perfectly functional hardware.

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Crankset is [sold by](

Nothing comes before profit – especially not the consumer.

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