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  • airikrtoPrivacyWhy don’t you like Apple?
    3 days ago
    1. They have their own closed eco system
    2. They think money is key and throw large amounts at their consumers
    3. All source code is closed
    4. They are based in USA
    5. They love AI

    Like what another person said, hate is a strong word. But when it comes to Big Tech, I’m all for the word.

    Might have missed adding something to the list. Will add more if I have.

  • Different people, different taste.

    I love FairEmail because of its “millions” of settings and the privacy features, for an example if you press a link, you’ll get a popup with options (for an example, what app you want to open the link with). And if the link contains trackers, FairEmail will remove these by default and saying “tracking parameters removed” with yellow text in bold.

    K-9 Mail feels incomplete in comparison. Have you tried FairEmail?

    • Your IP address should always be private even if it is good with IP bans. But IP bans do not fix the issue if it is not a static IP address that the users always has.
    • Exactly :)
    • Yepp! But they do log it anyway. So the question is why do the log this data? To build a better service? Might be, yes, but it would be much better if they let their users to choose if they want to share this information. Not log it automatically behind their backs (many do not read privacy policies).
    • I understand that, but they should not force users to enter their phone number. They should instead come up with another solution like require more CAPTCHA’s. Phone numbers is “the best” solution, but should not be standard.