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Testing mastodon federation

Hello! Does this work?..


Interestingly, I got this notification just now! But it does work :-)

Hello! I don’t speak much german yet, but I would be happy if you would allow federation with this instance (mander.xyz)!

I also noticed that you are federating with and linked to pleroma.schuerz.at. What does this mean? Is there a way for lemmy to communicate with a pleroma instance via activity pub?

As a scientist, for me this gap was bridged by doing a master’s and PhD.

In my field, learning involves performing experiments using very expensive equipment and potentially very expensive failures. We need to spend a lot of time doing things that will build our own value (like reading papers and manuals and performing failed experiments) without necessarily producing a valuable output in the short term. It is difficult to do these things on our own without help and financial support from academia or industry. One would need to be in a very privileged position to be able to bridge the gap on their own.

I moved to the Netherlands for my studies from a place with zero cycle lanes, and my answer is absolutely yes. I think that cities should should have more cycle lanes!!

I am testing out Obsidian at the moment and I am liking it. I am still trying to figure out what the best way to sync between devices. At the moment I have found this script and Syncthing, but I am still only using it locally. Their phone app is still in closed beta, so probably not the best choice if you want to access notes from your phone.

Cool, a lot of these I don’t know about! I always load files using split screen, I didn’t know that I could also keep files open in the buffer and move through them with :bn/:bp. This will be very useful.

I am not sure what level I fit in because my regularly used skills are all over the list. I have not managed to get used to “hjkl”, so that might make place low in the eyes of true Vim masters. I still manage to look like a wizard to my co-workers though.

Thanks, I will check these out!

That’s a good point. I haven’t gotten to ‘de-googling’ my Android and I do use Chrome in my phone. I feel silly now for overlooking that!

That sounds abusive.

In the report linked above there is a section on Plant-Closing Threats. They point out the following:

Employers recognize the value that plant-closing threats add to an overall anti-union strategy, and they frequently issue such threats even when they do not intend to carry them out. Bronfenbrenner (1997) found that half of all employers involved in union organizing campaigns nationally issued threats to close all or part of their operations should the union be victorious. Just three percent actually followed through on these threats after workers voted in favor of union representation. (Bronfenbrenner 2000)

There is also a section that discusses the legality of such anti-union strategy:

Most Employer Tactics Are Considered Legal or Difficult to Prove as “Unfair”

At first glance, many of the tactics that employers use appear to violate the law. For example, the threat of company closings or relocations is one of the most common anti-union tactics used during organizing campaigns. The following are examples from the CRC Survey of the ways in which employers delivered the threat that avoid explicitly connecting the closure of the facility to employees’ decision to join or vote for the union or engage in protected activity:

• “I can close this company if I want to.”

• "I might have to close [the company] because we don’t have money. I might shut down [the company] and re-open it under a different name.”

• "The company is losing money and can’t compete with a union in place.”

• "The company next door closed because of a union. A lot of companies are closing down or leaving the U.S. because of the unions.”

• “Unions make our business unviable”

With a culture like this it makes sense that they would want to protect their rights to own a gun. If receiving their first gun is a special milestone during their youth, and the person grows up shooting guns with family and friends, I can see how guns can become part someone’s identity.

Most of my life I have lived in countries were guns are banned, so from my perspective it is easy to say “No, of course that I don’t want it to be easier for the people around me to own guns!”. But I can appreciate that it is different when you talk about removing a freedom that is accessible at the moment.

Huh, I wouldn’t have guessed such a small share for Firefox.

What are some valid reasons for workers to vote against unionizing?

I did find this report on the topic, which I will try to look at later. I am pretty ignorant about the topic of unions.

Federation is currently off for that instance, is that on purpose?

It can be turned on by adding the following to the lemmy.hjson file:

federation: {
enabled: true
tls_enabled: true
# allowed_instances: lemmy.ml,other_instances

If you don’t uncomment #allowed_instances, then you have open federation.

I prefer bow and arrow in the shooting range and a camera for wild animals.

As for control. I am sure that there are people who have very good reasons for owning a gun, and I do not like blanket bans. I am in favor of a process that allows a citizen to obtain a gun legally. However, it is my understanding that it is easier to obtain a gun than a diving certificate in the US, and that to me seems like an incredibly low bar.

An n -> pi* transition in an s-Tetrazine…


When you do delete your account you have 30 days to restore it. I think that their reasoning behind this is that it gives you time to regret your decision and come back.

But you can use the psychology of this feature in a different way: Delete your account while giving yourself explicit permission to restore it if you need it within the next 30 days. I did this and, well, it’s truly deleted now :-)

You can also export all of your photos to another cloud storage service automatically.

I find particle physics to be quite intimidating with its infinite number of paths involving a zoo of particles doing an infinite number of things, but this is clear! Very cool, thanks for sharing

There is a protein in bacteria called a “tryptophan repressor”. This protein can change its conformation when it binds to tryptophan. Tryptophan is structurally similar to auxin, which is a very important plant hormone. …