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How did the central asian, euroasian and the caucasian countries enter the USSR?
Title, we generally talk about the civil war on the russian side of the USSR, but what happened on the rest of the territory during the war, and how did socialist ideas expand so fast on the most underdeveloped parts of the Russian empire, and so many other smaller countries that where bordering the central and eastern parts of the russian area?

Fascists after i called them abunch of big bullie meanies:

step one; Cover the nazis in mustard.

step two; nazis get pissed.

step three; nazis overthrow the goverment anyways.

step four; nazis start killing everyone.


“You see tankbies, putin used his evil spy abilities to personally kill zelensky, because he is just THAT much of an evil cartoon villain!”

Noooooo stop playing this goddamn commie song, i am losing my mind already!!!

hahaha “The Internationale” go “Вставай, проклятьем заклеймённый, Весь мир голодных и рабов! Кипит наш разум возмущённый И смертный бой вести готов. Весь мир насилья мы разрушим До основанья, а затем Мы наш, мы новый мир построим, – Кто был ничем, тот станет всем.”

Yes, i am extremelly confused by what he is constantly spouting about “setlers”. He knows that every american nation is a colony right? He also know that those same nations did the same thing the US did to the natives, till today, my country still is colonizing and destroying the lifes of the natives on the amazon region, and so are evry other latin american country with an native population. Mexico is an massive graveyard of natives, all brutally genocided, and so are the central american countries.

This saying that only the US population needs to be despised for being an imperialist setler population is american exceptionalism by itself, its basically saying that the US is more evil then others simply because it is the US, and because it is the US, it will never be able of changing. This is dumb, just because an country is an colony, it doesnt mean it cant become socialist, just because an country is imperialist, it doesnt mean it cant become socialist, thinking otherwise is thirdworldism, and even worse, its american exceptionalism; “because its the US” is american exceptionalism by itself, its like saying “the US is more ‘verb’ then any other place in the world, both on the past and on present, nothing can best the US at being ‘verb’, the US is the most ‘verb’ in the world” see what i am saying? Now put “evil” or “imperialist” or “capitalist” on the place of verb, and now put an positive verb, like “free”, democratic", “civilized”, or any other of those stupid things yankees love to jerk off about their country, see how it sounds? “The US is ‘verb’ simply because it is the US, and because it is the US, it will never change”, this is american exceptionalism, plain and simple, the US is at best, the most relevant and succesfull imperialist power TODAY, 90 years ago, if you asked on Europe, they would say nazi germany was the biggest imperialist, that it was an unfixable country, and would never become socialist, 15 years later, the GDR was born, this proves that even the worse of the worse of a country can be socialist, even something as nazi germany was able to be parcially fixed. And we need to remember, Marx passed most of his life on Britain and Germany, he was able to see the imperialism of both countries, and how britain was building the biggest empire in the world, and even then, he never thought “its impossible to fix GB because its an imperialist country, and therefore, its completelly evil and will never change”, lenin lived on the Russian empire, he was able to see very close how imperialism works, he writed a book about it, but he never sayed “Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Austria, Belgium, The US, The ottoman empire, those are all imperialist countries, they are the worse of the worse, they will never be socialist because of that, the minds of their people are unchangeable by propaganda, might give up as an revoluctionary them lol”.

Walking Bald Eagle

Walking Bald Eagle

bottom text

Netherlands trying to not get scammed by other colonial powers and losing their own colonies for 0,0000001 seconds challenge.

Honestly the map still feels very incomplete.

Can we please just stop using this damn word altogether, forget this ever happened and continue our lifes and talk about more important stuff? This wannabe sino-soviet split is so dumb, we are fighting because of misunderstandings, badly worded texts, and because of a bunch of clowns said some stupid shit on twitter and youtube. Its so not worth it to even put energy into this, i am starting to think this is not even about patsocs anymore. Also muad’dibber constantly menacing to ban people because of this is not helping at all. I dont even get what patsocs actually are, and so do most people here, this feels like a bunch of children having angry rants about communism on school, when they dont even know the definition of it, i know this for self experience.

They lied about afghanistan, about vietnan, about cuba, about korea, about yuguslavia, they aways lied them, aways lie now, and will aways lie in the future.

I agree, sorry for being overlly angry at you, bad communication and misinformation can ruin an online conversation, thats my biggest problem with online conversations compared to irl ones. Sorry again for sounding rude, hope we can have an better conversation in the future without all of the patsoc dog whistling and badly word sentences. Hope you have an good day!

Oof, sorry for the rant, the way i readed it sounded a lot like you where being an arrogant person, putting things on my mouth i dont even agree with. This is what lack of communication does to a conversation, sorry for sounding agressive, but i am starting to get really angry at everyone here using “patsoc” as some kind of dog wistle. It remembers me of how kruschev and revisionists used the word “stalinist” or “tankie” on people that where against their revisionist bs. I think we should stop using it all together, relax, review what these words are actually meaning, show actual proff and get some actual info on those people who call themselves “patsocs”, otherwise this comment section is just turning into an shit spyral where one side is just closing their ears, screeching “patsoc” and menacing bans, and the other side cant even express their opinion without getting buried under downvotes and angry comments (btw those people downvoting everything comrades PolandAsAnStateofMind and SaddamHussain are saying are cowards, they dont know anything about “patsocs” they dont know anything about what this situation is all about, but they are still just showing blind hate towards them).

Also, Osama Bin Laden said that he did not command to throw the planes at the bridge instead of the towers (with would be dozens of times worse to the US, as it would cripple the local economy) because he wanted something that would be shocking, appear on the news and be remembered. And we all know how Al Qaeda is funded by the US for decades, so they might have told to Bin Laden to aim especifically at the towers because it would be more easilly marketeable as propaganda against the middle east, and would be less damaging then the bridge or the pentagon.

Isnt a bunch of the MGR lore criticizing american imperialism?

This will be the movie of all time, will totally beat morbious morbillion tickets on first day and sell one minillion tickets instead.

“Lenin on his own part several times purposefully reminded his European comrades that the original “proletariat” — of Imperial Rome — did not work, but was supported by the surpluses of slave labor. As the lowest free class of Roman citizens, their only duty was to father new soldiers for the Roman Legions (which is why they were called “proletarii” in Latin) while they lived off government subsidies.”

I want to point out how this view by marx and engels was wrong, parentti’s book “the murder of julius Caesar” talks about rome with an materialistic point of view and how the information about rome was tainted by the burgeoise intelingentsia, on how the people that writed about rome and the roman people where rich aristocratic assholes, that never worked hard on their lifes and aways looked at the working class on general with disgust. This was an misunderstanding and an lack of proper information by marx and engels and should not be seen as fact, but as how the burgeoise manipulation of midia gos beyond our own ages, and how they will make you sheer for the opressors, and opress the opressed.

The top black and white flag is almost like the Brittany flag lol

Massive bruh moment, this post section is giving me crazy, you and saddam hussain are the only people here seeing how dumb it is to create such an massive fight over fucking twitter/youtube drama/circlejerking.

Oh and to add, no i dont think my country is “inehently good” quite the opposite, its fucking awfull; no jobs, gerbage goverment, filled to the top with reactionaries, classic capitalistic shithole. My patriotism is; i love my country, but i hate the state that capitalism has let her, so i want to install socialism so it can become an trully good country. Thats it, the goverment right now can fuck off, the elite can fuck off, they dont represent the people, they dont deserve to represent my country, only the brasillian people can represent the country, not an artificial burgeoise that exists by explorating and destroying our country.

And talking about the racial issues part, my country is worse then the US, we dont have an “racial majority” believe it or not, neither we have an cultural majority, my countrie is one of the most diverses in the world, there is people from literally everywhere, and unless you are an immigrant that lives on a small village with only other immigrants, you cant be “pure” here, its impossible. Thats why nazi bullshit failed here, even after we haved the second biggest nazi party, how can you create an elitist idea on a country that doesnt even have an idea of what the majority is? This creates another problem, while we dont say we are an people of white people, with white people culture, and with a single culture, the country created this mentality on the people, our material conditions created rascism, because blacks, indians, mixed people and other minoritys have aways been poor and abused, because they where abused, enslaved or poorer then the white people more then a hundred years ago, and most of them still are, because our society still think that this is normal, we still live with an mentality that has not yet leaved the past, and i dont blame the people, this is what 22 years of neoliberal reactionary dictatorship did to us, without an goverment that did anything meaningfull to fix it after. Only socialism will fix our country,

I am not a “patsoc”, i am not even american, you are putting words in my mouth, i hate the US with every single piece of my body, i despise it as an country, i despise its history, i despise everything it stands as an country. BUT i dont want to see it destroyed, even if i hate it, because it would be hypocritical. It would be the same as if Lenin wanted to destroy the Russian empire instead of turning it socialist because it was an imperialist country, this is what anarchists want, we want to fix said country.

What really bothers me is people treating the US as an special country. No its fucking not, please anybody reading this, stop saying its an “uniquely evil country” its not, its just more of the same imperialist bullshit wanting to dominate the world and failing miserably, spain tried it, the UK tried it, germany tried it, italy tried it, france tried it, japan tried it, dozens and dozens of empires tried to dominate everything around them, and they aways failed, with not a single exception. The US is just the most modern empire, nothing more then that, we should treat it on the same way the soviets treated Nazi germany before and after the war, and talking about Nazi germany, we need to remember that on an matter of year the soviets transformed an country that was ruled for 22 years by the most disgusting and cruel regime to ever exist at the time, that passed through the most brutal war in history, on an socialist country.

Why is the US “more evil” then other countries? People that talk about just balkanizing the US dont want to turn it into a socialist country, they just want to destroy it, and thats wrong. And you people are using the example of giving land back to the indians (with i agree with) but you people need to understand: almost the entire native population on the entire continent is dead, the US almost completelly exterminated them, we cant at best create indian republics or an indian federation with the population that still exist, but we literally cant give entire states to make entire countries just for indians, because there is not enough indians to fill an capital of an state of the US. One thing its Israel, an european-american colony that has succeded in stealing of most of the land of the native palestinians, the difference is; the palestinians are still the majority, while the colonizers are the minority, this is what we call an apartheid state. We can still give the land back to the palestinians and kick out the newer colonizers that are only going there because its an apartheid, but we cant kick out the entire american population from every single US state to give it to the indians, because the indians are just an small minority now.

And just to remember, the US is as much of a colony as every other latin american country, i am from brasil, and i can confirm we killed and stole the land of as much indians as the US did, and so did every other latin american country, we are not innocent, so what now? You also wants to balkanize and destroy my country? Cut it into a bunch of states only to give it to an percentage of the population that is barelly more then half a million? Because i dont, i want to create an country that doesnt divide people by race nor class, an just country where every ethniy and culture are worth the same, where all can work together for an better country.

And going back to Maupin, you people are loving to put things into his mouth and put him in the same bag of a bunch of people he doesnt even say he is a part of, but you dont show any proff of him calling himself a “patsocc”, you dont show proff of him saying that indians should not get any land back, or that black people dont deserve the same rights as white people, or him saying that he aproves anything the US goverment does, want to know what i see this as? Slandering, the same thing liberals and the elite love to say about every communist or communist leader; that they are rascist, homophobic, evil, dictators, all of the cartoon vilain stuff, without showing any actual proff. I might not agree with everything he says, but what you people are doing with him is low, very fucking low, you are all just repeating a bunch of twitter drama to create conflict where it doesnt exist. And your “response” to me sounds extremelly arrogant, you are asuming i am an patsoc AND an american with no proff whatsowhever, putting words in my mouth, and diffamating an person without showing any proff.

But even if the “true ml” needs to be international, just wanting an ml goverment first on your home region is good enough, it was what the USSR did, what china is doing now. We cant force the revolution on other countries, its literally and scientifically impossible, an country embrace the revolution when they want and when they need, we can support it when it happens, but the “socialism on one country” view still is correct at the beggining of an socialist country. If we cant succesfully realise an revolution on our own countries, how can we do this on other countries? Thats why pan-movements exist, baathism is pan arabic and socialist, you could argue it is not “true ml” because its mainly focused on arabic liberation, but does it make the movement less socialist? Just having an socialist arabic union would already be great, if all those countries standed up to unite themselves under communism, it would be great. Its not like we could even think of artificially creating revolutions on other countries.

What i am saying here is, maupin and haz are not wrong for wanting mainly an american revolution, because right now its the best they can do, it would not change anything if they openly stated that they want other countries to also have an revolution, it doesnt depend on them. What does matter would be if they would support an revolution on other countries WHEN it happens, and if they support the existing AES countries, then they would support future AES countries.

If it has an story of being competed with an nearly country, it should go to said countrie, like the falklands should go to argentina. There is also a dozen of other isles that haved nobody on it when the coloniser came, so unless they have an economy big and self sufficient enough to be independent, i think they should stay with england, its not like it would hurt any body.

I was talking on dismantling the UK, and the main islands mostly. Scotland, wales, ireland, and cornewell are all still occupied by england, and the Isle of Mann have its economy dominated by english monopolies. I mentioned Brettony because its both an celtic nation and is being occupied by an imperialist country that despises their culture and language, france. The goverment of france has tried to destroy all non french languages and cultures for the last 180 years, unless we are able to create an socialist republic on France, brettony should be free and enter an union with the other free celtic nations so they can help each other stand on the world.

Not even worth it to put on a gulag, just turn around to the wall.

We should dismantle the UK.
And after that all of the celtic nations that have been dominated by the anglos for so long could unite into an socialist union of celtic nations, with would include ireland, scotland, Isle of mann, wales and cornewell. And for an extra based country, france could also fuck off and liberate brettony too, so all celtic nations could be together.

The thing with the us flag is that most people dont relate it with what it actually means. My country flag has the same problem, its related to the old royal flag, and the lies of the republic, but most people just think of it as an simbol of our gold, our sea and our forests. Lots of people say we reapropriated the flag, maybe its true, but i still think that using a flag without knowing what it trully represents is a bit ignorant, or idealist. Also both the US and our flag are soooo ugly, we can keep the colours but please throw the design on the garbage.

Its funny how they literally did not change the recipe, so without all of the propaganda and “happy meal” filter on it, Macdonalds is just an bland, garbage fast food.

American goverment is made of sugar snowflakes that will melt after getting hit by a mild rain. Imagine being this pathetic.

Also, if one is a homophobe I don’t really care as long as they keep it to themselves.

But tolerating someone who tries to push back LGBTQ+ rights and giving them a chance to do so just because they are a communist is a really bad thing.

Bruh pick one, or you tolerate or you dont, this is very hypocritical, the Maupin tweet you showed is literally saying “i dont support what you are saying on this, but i still will fight by your side” how is this different from “Also, if one is a homophobe I don’t really care as long as they keep it to themselves.”?

The problem of both of them, is that they are worthless against a fearless foe, the nazis thought they could just kick the frontdoor of the USSR and it would collapse on its own like the other europeans did, they broke their leg on the door instead. The yankees tried the same on korea, vietnan, afghanistan, cuba, venezuela, syria, and they failed every single time.

If they feel so sad about killing innocent people in other countries, then they can use that fancy equipment of them to do 2 things: give an nice bullet in the head of their superiors and defect to the other side, or just use that bullet on themselves.

They pass most of their time on their mom’s basement, of course they are scared of large places with good illumination and actual people on it.

Eh mate, how your doing on the freezed wannabe US shithole?

Anarchists are vandals and petty criminals.

“Youre doing good lad!” - Evoflower

Trump was an idiot, but he was just that most of the time, and an terrorist from time to time (i believe this is an POTUS hobby) put when he menaced to bring ww3 over the smallest and stupidest shit, we all knewed he was just making drama to “resolve” it later, he created the venezuelan crisis, that drama with the DPRK, assasinated soleimani, all because he wanted to look like an president that was "able to resolve problems ( when he created them in the first place) but at least he was able to “fix” the shit he did when it started hitting the fan, he was able to go back and take the L.

Biden is an fucking senile shitbag, that is or crazy or actually braindead

For real tho, why lemmy feels just like an reddit, but without all of the corporation and fed bullshit? Almost every people banned here comes from lemmy.com

Solidarity to the Celtic, latin and slavic peoples.
While we all know that europe have been an main center of evil and world wide opression against non european nations, lots europeans nations now are victims of western imperialism coming from franco, anglo, nordic and germanic countries. Slavs and celts have been opressed by other nations since the beggining, and hate against not only latin americans, but on the last century it wad born an hidden disrespect against latin countries, with rascist stereotypes and disrespect to the countries ass a whole. Portugal, spain and italy are virtually neo colonies of the imperialist powers of the EU, and romania is constant victim of syereotypes that are centuries old. There is also the french opression against the non french population that has been opressed by the french goverment for over an century. Down with anglo, german and franco supremacy, alongwith any type of supremacy with the exception of the workers and people supremacy!

Crimes of the US against its own allies:
Ive seem some posts and comments saying stuff where the US test weapons on european citizens, where the US extracted criminals from european countries (mainly Italy) because they where from the US army or the inteligence agencies, where they sacrificed european and japanese economies during US crisis, where they tested weapons on soldiers of their own allies without their consent, where he spyed on european leaders, where they extracted people that angried the US using illegal means and reasons (Assange is a good example of this) and much more shit. How many of this cases are out there? How fucked is the relationship between the US and its allies that it constantly abuses them just because he can?

Ukraine reporting of Russian casualties be like.

Chad Young Stalin

Worst crimes of the italian fascists:
We all know Mussolini and the fascist italian goverment that ruled italy from the 20s till the crushing defeat of the last fascist goverment on north italy on ww2. They virtually created fascism as an ideology, that inspired lots of other dictators at the time, but we also all know how ridicularized they are on history, we all heard the memes of incopetent italy, mussolini being an idiot and an puppet, where every time he tried doing something by himself he failed miserably, and how his pathetic goverment and life ended. The things most of us did not heard was the crimes commited by the fascists. When we think of "fascism bad" we think of nazis, imperial japan, francoist spain, even the croatian and romenian fascist goverments, but never italy. Fascist Italy is mostly viewed as an meme, never as the "bad guy". While its funny while it lasts, its also very damaging, as historians are a lot less willing to talk about italy on a serious note. So i ask you big brained chads of lemmygrad, what was the worst stuff italy did during its fascist goverment? On a completelly serious note. No memes.

Errors of Mao Zedong.
This is an very sensitive topic. We all know comrade Mao, he is one of the 5 heads of communism, founder of the PRC, and one of the biggest writers of communist theory to ever exist. But he commited errors, a lot of them, and more expecifically during his last years of governance. We all know the awfull chinese foreign policy towards the majority of other socialist countries, how they supported capitalists and genociders just for the sake of fucking with the USSR. While China was justified at the beggining of the sino-soviet split, it was not justified to create discord with the international socialist movement all around the world. There was also some very bad internall decisions, like the great leap forward and the cultural revolution, that haved good intentions but haved awfull execution, good strategy but bad tactics. Even leaders that where aways friendly towards China like Fidel Castro got extremelly pissed of when China foreign policy during Mao last years started to call almost everyone an revisionary, even Che guevara almost got snapped when he visited China during the cultural revolution. There was also Mao's wife terrible decisions that influenced him a lot, and created tons of problems and instability on China. We need to remember that it was not mao idealistic reforms that made china the superpower it is today, it was deng xiao ping and xi jinping reforms who did. Now i ask to you comrades that know better: what the fuck happened? Why mao did so much bad decisions? Was his age that started messing with his mind? His wife manipulating his decisions? Him losing control of rogue members of the party? Too much idealism for its own good? What happened?

Does anyone here have some trustfull info on Idi Amin?
I did watch some videos of his speeches, and i readed some info about him. He apparentelly was an Pan-africanist, friend of multiple arab and third world countries, including Cuba, was anti Israel, and anti-anglo hegemony. And then there is the Genocide that most people relate him with, where he supposedly orchestrated the genocide of over a million Tutsis, Twas and Hulus. I dont believe on literally anything that the western midia says about third world leaders anymore, they acused literally every single one of them that did go against the western hegemony, while at the same time they white washed dozens of cruel dictators they installed themselves on several countries. Does anyone got some trustfull info on Idi and his goverment that proves or disproves this supposedly genocide?

Whats your favorite Indie games?
My favorites would be: LISA: the painfull, One Shot, Undertale/Deltarune, Deep Rock Galactic, Celeste, Enter the Gungeon, A Hat in Time, Hollow knight, Noita, Darkest Dungeon, Rainworld, Terraria, Spelunky 2, the shovel knight series, Rimworld, Papers please.

"At least on our freedoom land the goverment dont create propaganda and manipulate the things the population can know!" Meanwhile, the CIA...

Do you have any other based edits?

Reddit was aways an bad place, but at least years ago there was not such hard policing on the site banning anything even left leaning left and right as it is right now. This one is an memory from better and simpler times. If it was re posted on that same sub nowadays, it would be pulverised immediatly.

Extremelly based channel.
Finally an white guy that is not an disgusting sexpat CIA chill, that makes actually good videos, and is not pure sinophobic propaganda.

Does someone have some trustfull info on Idi Amin?
Ive heard he was an genocider and an dictator, but on his info on the wiki it says that after some time on his rule he went from pro west (cringe) to pro-libya, USSR and supported Pan-Africanism (based). I dont know how much of all of this is truth, the man history is all over the place (and he never write an auto-biography, nor autorized anyone to do it) most people say he was an corrupt, despotic rascist maniac, but the west says this about literally every third world leader they dont like, so i dont trust most stuff on the internet about him. Does anyone have some good, non-western source?

What do you guys think about Huey long, the Kingfish of louisiona?
Title, i know he was basically the only southner politician from the first half of the 20th century that wasnt an rascist, and he was an pretty famous populist.

An all time classic

Did poland have rightfull claims to most of east germany? Was it right to give that territory to Poland after WW1 and WW2?
Title, Poland got some very sus territory after being ressurected by ww1, the most scandalous being an considerably lot of east germany and basically half of Ukraine and Byelaruss. They got that territory mainly because the Entente wanted to weaken both the USSR and Germany, it backfired badly for poland almost 2 decades later on WW2. I know that poland wanting Russian territory was BS, but what about the german one?

Is it true that nazi germany was less rascist towards black people then the US?
Ive readed some stuff that on the olympics of 1936 the americans despised black athlets like Jesse owens but the germans did not really care and even cheeared him a lot when he winned the medals, is that true? Edit: Just to clarify, ive watched an movie on class today about jesse owens and the 1936 olyimpics, i got curious and searched a little about it, and there was stuff saying that the german audience did not at all shunned the black athlets during the olyimpics, with was something very common in the US. I would like to know if its true or not.

Communist countries that could have existed but did not.
Title, what communist countries could have existed but their revolutions ended up failing for various reasons?

What less known important communists you know?
Title, on the last century we haved lots of communist revolutions and countries, even if most of them did not last long enough. So lots of important persons where behind it, just like Lenin started the USSR and Mao started the communist goverment of China. So who are they? Where they are from? Which one of those less known persons you know?