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I am a fan of yay (yet another yogurt), for the most part it will replace pacman as well as install AUR packages, and supports Yogurt style searches.

Not sure what all myfitnesspal tracks but I use openScale from F-Droid to track weight but it has modules for all sorts of things like calorie tracking BMI and what not.

Yes!! now they just need to announce Wind Waker for the switch

I will take a look at it, but unfortunately at work it’s going to be a no go. We run a application white list on our systems and Notepad++ is already OKed and the security guys are not going to vet a new app just cus I asked.

At work I am chained to M$ platform so I am split between Notepad++ and PowerShell ISE.

On my personal systems its all VIM.

Nah, was more like the computer was his toy and the kids playing on it could mean that we broke his toy… Jokes on him I work in IT now.

Still wish I had the old II Gs though. Going to have to pick one of them up off ebay some day… they are not too expensive for a vintage computer.

Not really a programmer but I find it useful from day to day. I picked up coding in collage when I had to take a VB6/.net class. before that I was mostly hacking together shell scripts but not really writing my own code for anything until that class.

Come to find out after that, my dad had learned Basic back in the day and had a bunch of learning material for our old Apple II Gs but never shared any of that with us kids… Thanks Dad.

This is awesome news been wanting to play Skyward Sword and Wind Waker but my Wii U has been loaned out to my in-laws.

Just wondering what was it that was wrong with the Mario 35th anniversary bundle?

Year of the Black Rainbow is an epic album. I still remember getting my collectors addition with the novel. I had the CD on repeat and could not put the book down. I ended up finishing the book in like a day or two.

I stole mine… at least that is how I remember it. I was a beta tester for Ragnarok Online way back in the day and there was a user run site with info on mobs and items from the game. I liked the name Nitros so much the next game I played I registered the name Nitros7. Since then I have used a version of that name pretty much where ever I go.

High five man, I have been a fan since IKTSSE3