Nintendo has filed new trademarks for a variety of Legend of Zelda games, fueling speculation that […]

Kinda hoping they treat this differently than the Mario 35th anniversary bundle, but it’s exciting nonetheless


This is awesome news been wanting to play Skyward Sword and Wind Waker but my Wii U has been loaned out to my in-laws.

Just wondering what was it that was wrong with the Mario 35th anniversary bundle?


They took three old games, they run them on an emulator, and they tried to give them wide screen support but they failed to do this for one of them. Overall, I feel like the package they deliver should have been sold for not more than $20. What you’re paying for this quick mashup of old games that look like they didn’t have a lot of effort put into them to be ported, is just as much as you would pay for a new release AAA game. Not to mention that this game is only available for a limited time, which to me feels like they’re preying on people with the “fear of missing out” anxiety disorder by making people buy it who would not have otherwise.

At this point in time they’ve also announced that Skyward Sword HD is coming to the Nintendo Switch as a port of the original game. This one is priced $60, as I feared it would.

Don’t get me wrong, all of these games are amazing, but these titles had a way lower production cost than titles like Breath of the Wild, yet they are priced the same, which is a shame.

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