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The performance wouldn’t be as good exept for the biggest servers, causing centralization again

In my experience, self hosted matrix is way faster than matrix.org ^^

Funny thing is, every time Matrix is proposed as an alternative for Slack/Discord, people say the opposite, i.e. that Matrix is more a replacement for WA/Signal/TG.

After using Matrix for a while, IMO it’s closer to a personal messenger, since you have less focus on collections of channels (Servers, Categories) and more on single groups and PMs. True, there is Spaces and Threading in Beta, but that is a pretty recent development in the Matrix world.

But the lines get blurrier anyways, so I don’t think it’s useful to discern between these two kinds of messaging platforms any more

It’s much less centered around segregated collections of multiple channels (Servers). Instead each channel can have its own roles and permissions

Also there are only text channels, audio and video chat are realized with P2P (1:1) or Jitsi (multiple people)

On many convertibles the drivers of the fingerprint scanner and the 2in1 detection won’t work on Linux. If you buy one of those with linux preinstalled you can be sure that these features will work