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I was living in tge poor side of Europe which not many people had internet but if you were lucky you could steal internet from your neighbors

Idk to be honest but i would prefer to be born before and experience 2000s

I don’t think it’s gonna work with that much mentos except if add more coke


Reminds me the Holy Roman Empire which was neither holy neither roman neither empire

Bruh i was scrolling and i found my post

I wonder what happened 5 years later

The egg of course idk why people still don’t know the answer

I was trying to create one but it wasn’t uploaded so i had to refresh and then i created

Idk if this the right place but i have a fear of nostalgic things or something from past and idk why.
Everysince from the end 2019 i had always a feeling when i saw something old from a old toy to completely old post from the internet,is it because i haven't experienced it well or never? idk.

Im not really into these conspiracy theories but china handled Covid really well than other countries but i think it’s because people are afraid of government unlike in Usa or other countries which everything is shit too much democracy is bad.