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What’s more likely? That there is truth in what is said or you are wrong?

Really all I’m arguing is that mass surveillance isn’t an inherently evil thing. How the data is used is the more important thing.

The legend himself Luke Smith got mentioned in a Guardian Article

This is a classic article that is useful to everyone that is into tech

Mass surveillance is not necessarily a bad thing. Its how its used that makes it bad or good. But there is of course a bias with this sublemmy as it is privacytools.

Its cool that you want to spread Debian, but its really a people issue than a linux issue. Some people don’t like change and I imagine that the person are just happy to use Windows as that’s what they are used to. But don’t get deterred! Show them how amazing Debian can be!

I heard from a Doctor on Youtube with bipolar that its caused by trauma and that the medical industry are not allowed to say otherwise they lose their licence. The Doctor then went on to say that he cured himself of bipolar by taking these certain supplements