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Find the Strength to Change Your Surroundings and Live a More Comfortable Life

Sometimes we are stuck in a situation that is unlike who we are. Some of us give in while others change our circumstances. It takes a slew of qualities in order to make your surroundings work for you. Do you have what it takes?..

Use the "site" search operator to help find non-commercial results

Avoid commercial sites by adding your own flavor of top level domain (TLD) limitations, e.g. “( OR OR site:*.edu))” …


How to turn on Incognito Mode on your favorite browser

There can be a number of reason why you might want to use the Incognito Mode, or the private browsing mode on your favorite browser. But most people only know how to fire it up on Google Chrome. But what about the rest?..

How to Translate text using Google Sheet

How to translate text using Google Sheets…

How to Remove Workbook or Worksheet Password from Excel

In case you have forgotten your Excel Workbook/Worksheet password, or someone sent you a file which you need to edit but do not have the password, here’s how you can remove the password…

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