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Ascension, in the long term, will put a stop to this folly, but that will be long into the future. In the meantime, more and more restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and liberty will gradually come into place, the excuse given being that, as this virus mutates, so it affects more and more people and thus, to prevent the spread of it, loss of liberty must be introduced, overseen by a universal body who will regularly shutdown entertainment outside of the house and allow people only to shop using the internet, and delivery of groceries and goods will be delivered to the door by special couriers using specially adapted vans equipped with filters to keep out the virus.

Now this is fearmongering conspiratorial garbage. Any measures to stop coronavirus from spreading are “restricting our freedoms” and they are thought to be the first step for tyrannical oppression for governments. Yes, likely there will be periodical shots similar to flu shots for the coronavirus in case any mutations appear - but there will be likely no restrictions like now.

There will be a gradual shutdown of all outdoor activities and anyone found being abroad will be suitably punished. Workers will be forced to find work close to home and will have to wear special clothing as used in hospitals. All homes will be equipped with filter systems providing oxygen, mixed to produce the same atoms as clean air, which will be delivered to homes in metal containers rather like oxygen is stored in metal bottles used in welding plants. Outside air will be kept out of homes.

More extreme situations are being imagined, none of which have ever been suggested by governments and they fall outside the realm of mainstream restrictions. This is like “fermongering porn”.

That website had a link to a YouTube channel and well… presented without comment:


I banned them, thx for doing this work.


What’s more likely? That there is truth in what is said or you are wrong?

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