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Get out of my Head

I recently finished the Mirrorshades Anthology. As usual with short story collections there were highs and lows. All in all i enjoyed it although i took my time with it. I was a little disappointed that I already knew the Gibson Stories in this collection form Burning Chrome but i guess i should just have checked before buying.

“I didn’t know to be intimidated,” he said. “I was just a first-year grad student — I don’t know what’s going on.” -Nathan Klein

That is uncomfortably close to myself.

The smell of asparagus makes me sick. My roommate still denies it smells at all.


That actually sounds like a good idea. I guess i’ll try that, thanks

I use RSS to follow about 90 webcomics and small number of blogs.

My Favorites woul probably be:

Dresden Codak /Dark Sience

Stand Still Stay Silent

Kill six billion demons

The Bouletcorp (English translation because my french sucks)

The Factorio Friday Facts

And of course the usual XKCD and SMBC but i get the feeling those are already known around here. I’ve thougt about starting a Community for discussing Webcomics on Lemm but I haven’t found the time yet. If anyone would be interested let me know.

Any suggestions for short story anthologies?

I recently read William Gibson’s Burning Chrome and at the moment i’m in the middle of the Mirrorshades Anthology. Would Love some suggestions for collections of short SF stories from one or multiple writers. …

i didn’t like my old one so i just kinda mashed some words together. Like “Glarg” and one of the characters of a manga i had just read.

Must be nice having a stove where all fields work. Upper right field rules!