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I know what you were talking about. I stand by it too. Who here is resorting to name-calling in this post? I’m not insulting you. Unless you’re one of the people who is rioting. In which case I don’t really care. What happened here? Thought we were having a good conversation. With that being said, bye.

Working on my next reply, I am assuming you’re from South of the border of the US?

How though? Not one time did he say to do anything violent. He said march in numbers, and show strength. If a bunch of people take that as “STORM THE CAPITOL”, that’s not his problem. I am looking at his words in quotes and I just don’t see it.

He condemned them on Twitter before he got banned believe it or not. This is fact.

French as in not in the US?

I don’t and honestly don’t want to have respect for anyone that harms another individual for the sole purpose of causing chaos, attacks their own democracy, causes harm to local businesses, or hates on another person for their Political beliefs. I think it’s absurd. I could be biased being in Canada. Over here we don’t hate on each other based on Political beliefs because it’s fucking stupid to do that.

He’s condemning any violence and asking for it to stop. Sure he may have said those things but he still hasn’t incited any violence which is why he got impeached. It seems to be a bogus claim just to get him out, and his dumb ass followers are making it easy to do. I am just going by logic and facts, not by maybes.

By the sounds of it, the US needs to protest for a different reason - to get a competent person in office. Trump is a moron in it for himself, and Biden is just a puppet/messenger for the corrupt people that have been running the country for decades. You’ve got the smartest people on the planet in your country and these are the 2 dinks you land on. It’s kind of ridiculous.

What does he do exactly to cause any harm or incite it in anyway? I’m still trying to find the quote/video/clip.

For clarity, I am not a US Citizen. I don’t really oppose or favor either side. I think they’re both twisted and fucked in the head. But I like to be up to date.

But is silencing someone on a platform because you disagree with their beliefs not oppression?

If that isn’t oppression on the internet, would you mind defining it differently for me please? Because oppression to me is silencing someone based on their thoughts and beliefs, because you don’t agree with them. It’s what ruined Reddit and it’s what got Twitter and Facebook in shit during the Trump election.

No, his earpiece and the person on the other end are doing all of that.

Uh oh, I can only imagine the backlash they’ll get for staying true to their policies like they have been with the right.

NexusMods usually has save files for the games it supports.

“A lack of safe, secure and legal international data transfers would damage the economy and hamper the growth of data-driven businesses in the EU, just as we seek a recovery from Covid-19.”

I have an idea. Hear me out guys.

Instead of making money off of stolen data… Provide a paid service that’s worth the peoples money! :O

I have a look at those periodically, but no mention of Oculus Software which is probably the only thing holding me back.

I’ve been keeping up. It’s mostly just my Oculus software that doesn’t work with it. (Rift S)

Any idea of what this means? Are we at all closer to full game compatibility?

Unfortunately I don’t know a single person that uses Mastodon. I envy you.

Out of curiosity, why do you guys think the Fediverse is still not taking off?
I've thought about it a bit and the Fediverse has been around for a while now. There are some really cool applications being made to replace the mainstream ones, but they just aren't taking off. Why do you guys think that might be? Ease of use? Addiction to the mainstream platforms? Lack of marketing?

I don’t understand that though, (not trying to be a dick) I could understand it if he was prejudice, but he just doesn’t like them.