if you truly hate yourself, i will post the article in comments since i can’t access archive through tor (stupid captcha)

for now i will spare you the plethora of cutesy anecdotes, but to get the tl;dr of biden worship, here’s some highlights:

Biden, unlike some of his predecessors, is also a politician of striking empathy

Could there be a more opposite person to Donald Trump than Joe Biden?

Biden comes off as an eternal climber, yet also a man who was anchored in a humility and realism

Biden used his tributes to the dead to build and cement bridges across the partisan divide, whether he was eulogizing friends such as Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) or notorious leaders such as Sen. Strom Thurmond (S.C.), an avowed segregationist

For Joe Biden, in ’87, I would have said [his drive] came from his absolute sense of commonality with working-class people

He’s always searching for how to get to the vital center,” Vallely said. “He loves making the deal, getting it done. He’s never going to be the ‘woke’ guy.

the cerebral Obama, professorial, cool; and Biden, flashing his car-salesman smile, serving as the great comforter

i’m sorry but i gotta interrupt. has this dude MET a car salesman?! or ever watched any media ever??? car salesman are anything but comforting.

driven not by a cause, but by his desire to ensure a fair shot, stability and the two most intimate of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms: freedom from want and from fear

In another life,” Gitenstein said, “Biden could well have been a priest or a cop

22 lata

No, his earpiece and the person on the other end are doing all of that.

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