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Sad to hear it , but it was slow anyway and exporting subscribers is not big deal so … i will hardly notice difference on other instances.

Yeah , i wanted to make more of a feature suggestion which would make using lemmy more enjoyable.

Hello , so far i really enjoy using lemmy. One thing that i came up with and annoys me is that , when i scroll down certain amount of post i need to click on go to the next page. I would prefer much more to just scroll and scroll and scroll without worrying about clicking on next page. It is just minor annoyance , but for me personally it would make my experience way enjoyable.

Oh thanks that you reminded me that there is this option , but if i can remember , I am not sure about that 100% , i have read that in new release developers did something about global search and admins of servers need to enable that functionality , so you will be able to find content from another instance within your instance.

EDIT: Yeah , this is from last github release from features : Add global search support (has to be explicitely enabled by admins)

So far i have not discovered any creator which i like , about who i have not know before from another platform. I only watch techlore and luke smith , when i feel i do not want to open LBRY app. It is hard to find something on peertube. There is not really global search. I heard that they did something about it , but I have not try it out so far.

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