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Hell yeah! I’m sure I can run it fine then! And on a hunch I just called my mom to see if she held on to her old laptop from a few years later and she did, so looks like I have a backup instead of fiddling with live boot beyond function checks! She has her work pc she uses so she doesn’t need it! Love it when a plan comes together lol, I will be trying Fedora as soon as my 2 weeks seeding these last few torrents are over!

OH you can live boot fedora?! With persistent memory? That is the ticket for trials then for sure! I only use the touch minimally so I could conceivably lose it, but it has gotten me out of jams where my mouse was shitting out, though who knows, that may be an issue with windows and I won’t need it! No clue as to RAM without booting up and going to system specs but this here little sticker says “intel inside core i5” so maybe? To give a more accurate picture of time and therefore possibly it’s components, usb 3.0 was still fairly new and it boasted it had one port for it! Haha.

I don’t even know what AUR is so I will be fine! Haha, I’m sure I will pick it up faster than I think myself, these acronyms and terminal and everything are just daunting. But I am into another hobby that I similarly knew nothing about until I commited myself to learning and now am far from an expert but far from a layman as well, with similarly daunting acronyms and varying platforms and such, so I know I can do it! I don’t game or do anything crazy, the only game I will be sad to lose is flOw by Jenovah Chen lmao, I still have the old windows version from when it was free! May see if I can use whatever wine is to run it.

I assume it is easy to look all that up being that Fedora seems to have a large community, so I assume it won’t be that hard, and I’d like to learn how to do all that “-sudo install aircrack” shit anyway lol (I know it is wrong, I said learn haha). Sounds like that will be the winner here! I think I’ll use it to get familliar and then maybe check out whonix for the overkill privacy/security (hell I use GrapheneOS so overkill seems to be right up my alley). I assume I can set up mac spoofing and anything else I may need on any distro with a bit of research, tails has it so fedora surely can too. Thanks for your help!

Good to know, I suppose I may start with Fedora (or maybe something else if you or anyone here have a reccomendation), and possibly consider Whonix when I have more experience and/or hardware it’ll run on.

I typically rely on FOSS projects myself as I am poor as hell lol. I do use Veracrypt, that may be my only one. I could switch to LUKS but I don’t know if they support hidden containers like VC and I don’t believe they do. Might keep one VC for windows compatability and switch the other to LUKS. I definitely expect a bit of learning involved, I more meant I don’t want to try 5 different distros before nailing down a good one, maybe 2 max. That and hopefully it won’t shit the bed so hard that I can only use my phone for a time to try and fix it haha.

Might go with the dual booting, that is a good idea.

And thanks for the heads up, in any case whatever I go with I will 100% be looking up “how to install X” and watching a tutorial haha, I know most will be “use etcher or rufus and slap that hoe in” but still I like to be prepared.

Thanks for the info, I guess I know I can run Gnome since that same laptop will run tails, so that is good. It is less about reviving old hardware (windows still works on whatever version I’m on and I’m getting updates and whatnot), it is more about getting away from windows entirely. I degoogled my phone for the same reasons, it only stands to reason that I need to do it there too, hence my desire to use Whonix if it’ll be a good fit for a new guy. I know I can’t run qubes but might be able to run Whonix if it isn’t too intensive to do so. Also taking other reccomendations for distros I am unaware of that would be secure and private (or have tutorials on how to make them that way) and frankly any “daily driver” os should be able to handle all my other uses with ease I’d imagine.

Want to switch to linux

Need reccomendations for distro. Old laptop from like '10 (shipped with windows 8, not even 8.1), touchscreen needed so no Mint unfortunately. No linux experience whatsoever beyond using tails and I know what the terminal is but have NO clue how to use it. …

Since you say you support new linux users, presumably in learning how to use it, do you have any links or books you could point me to on how to begin? Even where to begin? I don’t even know what the hell a sudo is or why I would bash it, know what I mean lol? Point is I am tired of windows and want something secure and private that can run handbrake, torrent shit, use gimp, onionshare, and some other odds and ends, all of which I am preeeeeeety sure whonix can do, but I don’t know enough about linux to feel comfortable making the jump just yet. I want to install say, mint or something, on a FD with persistence like tails so I can dip my feet, but I am told it doesn’t work, so I am at a standstill currently and would appreciate any input, advice, or resources you could point me to, thank you in advance!

Afaik using tails through bridges, preferably on public wifi from far away using a directional antenna, would work fine.

Kinda fits, both just want to be left alone to do what they want, only difference being libertarians unlike some cats are philosophically adverse to hurting people outside of self defense. Though, that of course is more than could be said about Republicans or Democrats.

Ah ok, thanks for the info!

Why does it keep saying "Pasted from clipboard?"

Whenever I open lemmur since android 12 it notifies me that lemmur pasted from my clipboard without my express permission. That is sketchy. Idk how I feel about using this with that in mind…

Arcaneslimetomo testingtest



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ArcaneslimetoPrivacyTutorial needed

For android, look into degoogling as well with things like GrapheneOS or LineageOS. Graphene has a lemmy board I just joined (made my account here 5 min ago lol) and they have a very active official matrix room.

Reading Metro 2033 at the moment. I don’t think I ever beat the game but the book is damn good.