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i d like to see actual sources on your last statement, plz

i believe this is in fact an account by a DNC person

for some extra downvotes: i consider this anti-patsoc campaigning just the extension of hillarys 2024 run

funny, i ve listened to some haz and maupin but i can’t actually see the points you are making AT ALL. in general patsocs to me seem to be just marxist populists who don’t want to leave cultural vignettes, festivities or traditions for the rightwing to mess with

there are endemic species adapt to certain environments and then there is humans and migratory species, who by nature do not know borders. the rest is all social construct by people jealous of each others fiefdoms. i do believe in federalisation of ubuntu communities, and i do accept a certain degree of localisation. But you’re not gonna get me with “blood & soil” bs… The principle and ends will be the same, the means may differ, so in the end the only barrier to you doing whatever you do somewhere else (if you so wish) would be that of language, local traditions/cuisine (and maybe local differences in communication protocols).

the rest is the same. people work. follow dreams, love, shit, eat, play, have kids, educate themselves, enjoy and suffer and hope everything will turn out fine and then eventually they die. and that is what a society of any size should be concerned with first and foremost. And it is not really much dependent of the color of the rag you associate with a given piece of soil…

i m still looking for the person who represents patriotic socialism and the representative of it who tells me how exactly this hybrid Frankenstein of an ideology is supposed to work like, so i think you - and many others - are just throwing random associations at it and probing for which one eventually stick. Good things and bad things, I think patriotic socialism is still emergent. still listening to what people project onto it, so i will disagree here, just because this whole ideology is too amorphous as of yet…

what exactly does this have to do with whatever “patriotic socialism” is supposed to be…

i think the term sweatshop is pretty relative. it basically means a western corporation demanding high prices for luxury goods but using developing country labour recruitment and practices, usually by “outsourcing”.

if you work in a bangladeshi sewery and your product ends up on the bangladeshi markets, the circumstances may resemble that of a sweatshop, but the exploitation is relative to the labour relationship rather than the difference in pricing.

until it is not a peer2peer driven server network of individual server nodes mirroring each other in symphony and ratchet encrypting the content on a blockchain via it’s own encryption certificate and protocol (which is where you will find the lawful hurdles…) which would have to be handed out initially on SD cards in order to be mirrored on the server hardware… it won’t and can’t ever be safe from the main issues. the privatized 5eyes security centers we call “the deep state”

until a certain starting majority of users have not been PERSONALLY handed keys &preset server images early in the distribution & start of a given platform, tampering is always a problem.

back 2 years ago, everyone interested could have bought a raspberry for cheap, put a sd card with said server node into it and from there on a decent degree of security could have been provided. i saw people suggesting different methods, but the modern left is too outrage driven and topical to think in long term strategic goals it seems.

the other thing is user acquisition and vetting. you can’t just allow anyone, you need a database of recommendations and a relationship management system (potentially observing other platforms and training an AI network to compare account behaviours&language patterns) to find the snitches, moles & traitors coming from other platforms and trying to infiltrate, doxx, harrass, e.t.c.

i respect your sensitivity and i would not. this is a music production aficionado who did his fair share of audio production and sampling talking smack to another…

main problem afaik is getting the unlock/root key to your phone these days. most manufacturers will not give it out anymore

ngl… freemasonry is deeply intertwined with this theosophic stuff. they love this stuff. everyone who has antisocialist special interest at heart relies on such type of sectarian rhethoric newspeak

on the other hand i m not going to besmirch ALL theosophists. krishnamurti f.e. is kinda insightful and not dangerous in his teachings. some of it is used to awaken people, most of it is abused to abuse and exploit people

all the downvotes are from coping americans who have no clue about audio production, sampling and FX editing.

just look at Jordan Peterson, who explains away the context and continuety of colonial abuse throughout todays classist and system inherently racist societies in the so called “west”. Classic Jungian Narcissist. and i guess certain thinktanks are spreading this jungian esoteric fascism everywhere like chocolate cream on your toast, because it reduces the effects of economy to your individual level. and just looking at his bullshit graphs in his first book (drivel…) reminds me of the romantic esoteric theosophy circles around f.e. Lanz v. Liebenfels and Helen Blavatsky. mysticist circles trying to rasputinize rich oligarchs and their wives of the ruling class…

well, then you are right on track! because that book is high in my charts of useful information more people should understand to even get a grasp of why things are happening in such a cataclysmic and psychologically driven way and why no-one seems to be responsible. chaos theorists and jungian morons are being presented to explain away the context and responsibility. but everyone who knows human organisation and clandestine opreations just a little, knows that this is not the case. actions have consequences. a group of wizards apprentice once cast a spell and now the water is rising. in order to stop the flood, we must remove the source again. the wizards apprentices will have to meet their master again…

corporations founded on the basis of or influenced by military intelligence and research acquired through Project Paperclip and its follow ups, usually either created in black sites (CONDOR Dictatorships f.e.) during f.e. MKULTRA but also university information technology research inspired (Bill Gates …) and based upon concentration camp management and the calculation and database machines developed for this. later developments and strands of these ideas can be found at f.e. the old data center headquarter of the pre-pinochet Allende government, heavily influenced by f.e. Bear Sterns… during this time, a predecessor and foundational network of the internet and ARPA is already running. CONDORTEL. used to send down kill lists and information back and forth between condor nazi governments in the south, their cartels and the secret services in the west. nodes were f.e. COLONIA DIGNIDAD, HARVARD/PRINCETON (Milton Friedmans departements), the german BND… and many many others.

basically all the corporations that are based on the industrial and intellectual loot of the 3rd Reich and what blossomed from it in secret gardens of the US empire.

f.e. Microsoft, Google, facebook, Amazon, Oracle, SAP, Siemens, Monsanto… but these are just the most known ones, the list is endless

not much, 5eyes hold your ISPs hostage via monopolisation and vertical integration. and the DARPA corps. (Fashbook, Spamazon and Microshaft, Horroracle, STD, …) are all united in this human centipede of a nazi corporate hegemony.

also, the pigs are IMSI catching you with no warrants, because they can…

russian hit about the victims of the great war. Something that has to be understood is the culture of memory of this war in russia whereas the west reduces it to the holocaust of the european jewish population and refuses to educate themselves beyound this historical precedent. The memory of the Einsatzgruppen and Barbarossa and the imprint it has left on the russian psyche is something obviously nobody in the west is ready or capable of facing.

just talking about it is fun, because when the propagandists get some of their own medicine, maybe they stop mixing their bullshit into our newssoup so much

the American national anthem

cut it all to pieces and rape it until it squeals just right

well, fascism in the middle is obviously hella wrong, but circus music for the alt-right hits the nail on its head…

if your girlfriend needs an abortion, sign the paperwork with your ak-47

when you know you a marxist leninist from the first brass chord flourish blasting you away...

the man had to become a white man in order to sing this... and they never forgave him for it. invented story after story to smear the one black king they couldn't dethrone militarily. And looking at the story of how his pedophilia was explained: the same explanation would also account for EVERY single member of ISIS, the Hitler Youth, the Azov and all military youth indoctrinations. sexual repression being channelled ibnto competitive violence by your own parents&peers, instead of being loved leads to youth sexual exploration (projected onto young people) to be repressed and then turned into a pathology which expresses in their adulthood and beyound. we can argue that he was in fact a pedophile (yet not a rapist) but fuck the same explanation goes for every single corporate boss with a nazi history. their efforts and careers were based on the sexual repression and fear instilled into them during their youth. no wonder that now that this generation is turning to soil all sorts of abuse rings in their ARPA/DARPA-corporate circles are being exposed.

ya'll are putins puppets as soon as you don't bend over and take it from behind...

hello, i m reddit, i feed mgtow incels misinformation and have altright networks bully harrass doxx and manipulate them to turn them into ukrainian nazis and school shooters, b.t.w. my policy advisor is a SAUDI DEEP STATE slur term for sex worker

they are the better center leftists. like shitlibs who have strawberry mixed into their shit(libbery)

now, none of these youtubers content is overall bad in fact most are very good when it comes to certain topics or certain aspects of the debate (altright pipeline) , but they all have a few critical errors in their thinking based on not learning the history of what happened betweeen 1945 and 2001. or better yet: where this current timeline went astray

i mean any marxist critique of our system wouldn’t start at problems of intersectionality as useful as they may be, but it would focus on hard economics. and since the largest market on this planet with the largest cash flow by far is THE DRUG TRADE, not talking about its history and interwoven connection with the imperial system of oppression and manipulation is outright obfuscation of reality. can’t attack the system without attacking prohibition, it’s players and their history of corruption

so that’s clearly a grass roots movement. sustained by grass roots

they are all investing. when they start talking about rubles on cramer, sell for yen…

the problem is not the plant itself rather than the storages, which have to last. and these cannot be protected from natural disasters and i have not heard of a castor that can actually sustainable and safely hold nuclear waste as of yet.

now, i m not saying that nuclear isn’t agreat form of energy compared to coal. compared to gas i m not so sure. personally i would condone hemp oil and plant oils over anything else because they would create a closed loop. whereas any mined ressource causes excess waste. unfortunately we are too many to pull this off atm.

i m talking about the theoretical problem of hydrogen pipelines, as these would have a better throughput than any other form of energy transportation via grids. the problem here is that we don’t even have safe oil pipelines. we have dictatorships and hells around pipelines to keep them secure from sabotage, we run immense security states in order to achieve this. and with the potential of nuclear energy or hydrogen, this only becomes worse, not better.

lets all remember that the dupont family is basically the strawmen dynasty of the wealth of Louis of Belgiums Congolese Massmurder exploits. And dupont was not just one of the largest investors in the 3rd Reich (would have been a main target of communist/socialist/Anarchist and anticolonialist/antiimperialist hatred), or lobbied for Prohibition in order to re-enslave their former slaves as “criminals”, no, this dynasty is so fucking rotten, their heir raped his own 2-year old daughter and NEVER SAW A DAY IN JAIL. verdict: guilty, but too rich for jail


and also: note how all the “believe all women” / “metoo” people NEVER FUCKING TOUCHED THE TOPIC of Robert H. Richards IV and the corrupt cabal that kept him out and about. probably one of Epsteins best secret friends &customers and levels above him when it comes to power and depravity… maybe even his ultimate handler

the idea that nuclear energy could be safe relies on a utopian world in which there is neither conflict nor natural disaster. until now, there is no safe nuclear energy. as much as i’d like hydrogen to drive the world, it won’t for the foreseeable future, because you can’t secure a pipeline in such a world without an empire of evil

fake dichotomy, because energy consortii usually entail both: nuclear and fossil energy sources. they have the same fucktarts as lobbyists. they are about as corrupt and they are about as sustainable when it comes to waste as all the others are.

what i do regret though is that due to the campaigns against nuclear energy, science also lacks nuclear physicists. and the few that run around are always threatened by kidnappings if they are not already working for the western NATO energy consortii

we shouldn’t stop researching modes of energy production, that doesn’t mean we should implement the most problematic ones. which are definitely fossil & nuclear

the nazi T.I.N.A. (there is no alternative…) speed-kills (“blitzkrieg” for neocons/neolibs) squad is at it again. I guess they are trying to find a less thatcherite, more appealing face to push for their nazi war

focus on reframing. shows their hybris…

“well if you are so fond of capitalism, why do you complain about rising prices when deregulation favours monopolisation and thus price gouging and corrupt lobbying…”

“Did You know that Jesus said that a camel will pass through the eye of a needle before a rich man is allowed to enter heavens gates?”

“Did You know about all the american dynasties who funded the nazis in order to profit over cheap labour after they couldn’t openly enslave people anymore and infused them with their eugenicist racist ideas they had established to justify slavery? have you ever looked up their family names? why not? you rant about soros&the gays, but you don’t know the people who profited over a genocide, corrupt our politics since 1955 and still hide among us as rich donor class? Do you like wearing horseshades?”

“How is this a meritocracy if 90% of all wealth exchange hands by heritage? Do you think rich kids are the more competent economists, seeing how they have never worked a day of hard labour in their lives or planted and cared for a single fucking apple tree in their whole lives? do you think the coked out brats of some Paperclip nazi oligarch who pretends to be the citizen kane is the better arbiter of our economy?”

“I know taxes are bad, even the homeless drunk meth head on the street corner in his tent thinks that taxes are bad, i mean some of them actually think they will be billionaires someday and then they would have to care for the sore losers living in tents because there is no money for social housing. I wonder how the tourism economy has profited off of all the tents on hollywood boulevard…. maybe some free housing could have saved these fucks millions, not that they deserve it… At least white america will get a taste of the police brutality they have hid behind so much. maybe that will help with abolition…”

STOP! THIS! Important service announcement

in principle i agree as this all is basic marxist theory about worker exploitation. and while libshit suffragettes do all sorts of whacky renamings and reframings, the problem remains that if it is a lifestyle, it is not work in the sense of an exploitative relationship anymore. at least they way i understand work and lifestyle. (psycho grindset sigmamorons aside - basically a propaganda meme created by rich ancap heirs…)

i mean i take issue with “work” under patriarchal domination and control over bodies in general. and yeah, womens bodies are sort of overregulated…

regarding this terminology i would would still prefer “human trafficking/sexual exploitation” as i see this is more appropriate of the actual situation of people subjected to such abuse. And yeah, in global terms they are the majority among “sex workers” (and it also concerns strippers and dancers in some regards the abuse of which often is contextual to their own economic/psychosocial backtround. I mean i know girls who love dancing and earned money for doing it in clubs & skimpy outfits. In many ways they sold their bodies and the club owner still got way richer, while they were being subjected to male fantasy of a small group of unberable morons within any given audience. but at least for them, security was provided and it was security, not a pimp. Was this situation exploitational? that’s more a case by case basis

BUT… all of them told me that the margins from dancing in mens clubs to being subjected to abuse or becomeing a prostitute/porn actress are very thin, as usually, such etablissements are ripe with all sorts of drugs, predatory men and offers of easy money. which can be considered a perfect trap to slip into some abusive dependency for anyone not of clear and sound mind, with a titanium bar for a spine and a clear vision of why they are doing it in the first place.

now i did get into some brawling over this issue here, but i do agree with the answer, because it contains the underlying principle of sex work being work and workers in the current economy usually being subject to some form of coercive, abusive and (co-)dependent relationship.

My control question is usually: who is assange to you. if they say “rapist/abuser”, then you know they have been brainwashed by MI6/CIA/NED astroturf and bellingcat influencers and are making the “sex-work equals rape” argument only to further condemn and smear Assange for all the corrupt nazi corporations and puppets in our endless-war-ukrainiannaziignoring-governments

i think if we throw more karens into jail, eventually our prison abolitionist movement will finally take off due a sudden influx of pink hatters and Maga Karens…

his IQ does not suffice for any other level but gusano

Careful agent! this microfilm does not only contain the enemy masterplan as steganographic watermark, but also contains subliminal messaging in order to turn the unsuspecting observer into willing manchurian candidates to evil soviet mechanisms of mutual assured dancestruction

fuck this nazi ghoul. send this video to all your friends and relatives. just to make sure they know


oh these lyrics make my heart cry tears of joy!

shoutout to the people at PRIDE VIENNA tonight: Brothers, sisters, we'll make it to the promised land!

guess who repealed the assault weapons ban to allow a silent genocide enacted by the rigthwing? GEORGE W. BUSH jr. EVERY DEAD KID IN A SCHOOL SHOOTING with an AR is on this man

new demonstration slogan. and boy it is time to take the streets and fucking rage against the machine

"these people consumed mushrooms regularily and by the way they consumed mushrooms, the mushrooms took over their personalities..."

listen to these cunning linguists at "The Times" trying to jiujitsu your perception... what a bunch of nazi supporting revisionists...

you are a foreigner to most of the world, be proud of it and act accordingly...

the bossa revolution was as suave as they come...

the zionazi thugs at it again.

Now, there are all sorts of unanswered question this documentary poses about the root & long term problems involved with this project but one has to commend the spirit.

treadmill, greenscreen & color correction

the Savings&Loans Scandal, a sidenote of "the Sopranos" (2nd Season) culminating in Enron/AIG & 911 Maybe rewatch and rethink history a few times, the stories are out there and have been encoded in the backdrops of movies, TV-series and our urban myths

"Ich bin Kreuzberger, meine Hand hat 5 Mittelfinger"... lol

For all you 3d Printing and designing nerds, support this project as it adds critical features to Blender which allow our favorite 3d-modelling program to eventually be integratable into modern construction and production workflows and maybe soon create fully interchangeability...

Go watch Troy Parfitts analyses on Petersons language. enlightening for everyone who didn't know yet.

years ago, a youtuber made fun about Petersons hitlerian views in his gag video, predating even Troy Parfitts enlightened conclusion about what really drives the man.

Basically, every statement the subjects here refer to are being brought RIGHT BACK to the criminal group that tried using them as cannon fodder, ratting out and threatening all the primary sources these two clowns have talked to primo example of fascist rat Jakarta-type Journalism. ratting out everyone who said anything the reporter cannot otherwise corroborate themselves with independent 3rd parties to the SBU to get tortured. NEVER TRUST A JOURNALISM LIKE THIS

Time to arm your women. If they refuse to do an abortion, bring a handgrenade

if your government is partnered with the US you will have to fight to keep your healthcare! Name, Shame & Defame, Doxx and publicize their asses, do not let them get away with implementing this system of economic vampirism an inch further

They are everywhere! In your orchestra, in your museum, in your library... dang it... I bet they have blin hidden in your cookie jar...

back from the easter holidays... Amerika is lighting up Russia with the UK, about which we are still missing a Rammstein song...

Glowies in full on propaganda gaslighting mode. now with extra hipness...

the season is upon us, egghunt with our reactionary family units...

a friend from austria sent me this article today which i will summarize shortly for you A ukrainian 38-old who - due to a supposed cardiac weakness - was not elligible for military service "fled" in his Mercedes ti vienna. accommodated himself in the richest district of vienna and after a visit to the ~~mosque~~ (correction:) synagogue (unspecified) finds that 30.000 of his bars of gold (!) at the appartement are stolen. (cover up for criminal payment?). at which point he supposedly gets paranoid, goes to his car in a underground garage and because he only has money in large notations with him cannot pay the 5€ neccessary to exit the garage. Since he is seemingly drunk (admitted to 4 whiskeys in court) two young people going out and also in the garage ask if they can help him at which point he threatens them with a knife and forces them to pay the 5€ exit fee. He doesn't speak german but the two young people who tell the judge that he had seemingly widened pupils and was obviously (to them) on drugs, also because he had asked them for cocaine prior to the incident... He tells the judge he is a "financier" with a wide business portfolio in "rare metals" and "real estate" earning between 20.000 and 30.000 DOLLARS (!!!) a month (and indeed he has a lot of rare metal)... Now, supposedly "cardiac weakness" but enough cardiac strength to ask for coke, drink take drugs and threaten someone with a knife? IS this NAZI LEADERSHIP stealing UKRAINIAN STATE FUNDS and entering the criminal underworld of Europe by buiyng themselves into drug&real estate markets or contacting their MOSSAD/CIA handlers? Because it sounds like it...

Probably threatening Putin with lines of Cocaine and bribe him with some mansion in the alps or whatever the great military power that is Austria has in mind lets hope the dude learns something, before his alpine people have to fallback to potato farming and heating their houses with furniture, because as far as i read the news, he is about to "strongly adress warcrimes in Bucha"... pretty sure the dude is about to learn the splits in one day

RECOMMENDED READ - Victoria Nulands father talking about the trauma that is driving his daughter today
Gonzalo Lira was right, Nuland is a fake name, her father changed his name from MEYER-NUDELMAN (SCHMUEL MEYER-NUDELMAN) to cut ties with his heritage after suffering from his own father - who had to flee Ukraine because of tsarist pogroms. This is the trauma driving US policy here. current MUST READ

a "witness" in Bucha giving reports what the skilled observer immediately notices is the well kempt beard, the good health, the spotless skin, the lack of ash/dust/dirt on this man anywhere but his jacket. The beard is well groomed, the teint healthy, this does not look like someone who has been living in a basement. maybe his jacket has, but the rest looks like a crisis actor to me