warning: explicit writing, TW for abuse and sexual crimes. No images/video, just writing
I’m sorry if this article is a bit too much, it has a lot of Triggers no dount, I didn’t wanna spring this on anyone, but it’s taught me a lot about this sickening industry and some statistics to help me understand what is happening over in Thailand. This article gives statistics and small written portions of interviews with those involved in the SouthEast Asian sex trade. Honestly:Mods if this doesn’t seem appropriate for the site, don’t hesitate to delete this post, I just can’t stress how important some of the info given is. I feel that it’s important to understand this industry and what enables it to continue. Surprise surprise: Capitalist markets, corruption and poverty are the main causes. Once again: If you can manage to read through this, there is info that really makes you understand how god-awful the situation can be

when you know you a marxist leninist from the first brass chord flourish blasting you away...

STOP! THIS! Important service announcement

(Time sensitive) Does anyone have good, light reading on U.S Aggression in the middle east/drone warfare/US Imperialism?
I can't even lie, I just want to skip research for finals. I have a debate in regards to the role of the U.S/Opinions on Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran/Palestine, my teacher also said I could tie my arguments and stuff to earlier human rights failures by the U.S Empire such as Viet Nam. Looking forward to rec's ASAP.

"these people consumed mushrooms regularily and by the way they consumed mushrooms, the mushrooms took over their personalities..."

Now, there are all sorts of unanswered question this documentary poses about the root & long term problems involved with this project but one has to commend the spirit.

Many Comrades try to get an education at Bourgeoise schools to help better society by learning things like medicine or geography. But things can be tough sometimes, so help each other out if you’re struggling in school or university!

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