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I don’t have and have never had anything confidential in Discord and IRC. I use this to chat with strangers in thematic chats.

Social network Friendica (venera.social instanc), Hubzilla (freehub.space instanc), Misskey (misskey.social instanc). And also, I have many accounts on various servers in Mastodon, PixellFeed and PeerTube. Moreover, some of these servers are no longer available at the moment. I have been interested in this topic for many years and have researched different servers. By the way, I also had accounts in the Diaspora social network on several servers.

My first Linux distribution was Mandriva 2010. I still like OpenMandriva, Mageia and Rosa, but now my laptop runs on FreeBSD with KDE.

I think everything would be free there. And people would also work for free. The government will simply distribute resources more or less evenly to everyone and control it. I can’t imagine how communism can work without a government at all. It seems to me that this is impossible in the society of modern people. Maybe when people evolve to higher levels of development…

Sometimes I pass off my Firefox browser as the Chrome browser on Android. This gives me the ability to upload photos to Instagram from my PC. )))

If you want to know which line to register in order to pass off your browser as Chrome on Windows, then it’s easy: There’s a list there.

This can be done without using extensions, but it’s just more convenient with this. For example, the Firefox browser has a settings menu available at: about:config. You need to create a string named general.useragent.override and assign it the desired value. For example, if you write there it is Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; en), sites will think that you are using the Internet Explorer browser on Windows. You can also set this parameter only for a specific site. For example, create the line “general.useragent.override.google.com” and assign it the desired value.

It is open, but not free. Although, everything is relative, of course. I feel sorry for the developer of the MyPal browser. He shouldn’t have messed with this. It was necessary to do it on the basis of Chromium, as everyone does.

Only one person is engaged in porting KDE to FreeBSD. In my opinion, you want too much from him. This is a titanic work. It would be better to help him somehow.

Facebook has never had s2s interaction with other XMPP servers enabled, and nothing has prevented them from doing their craft as they want. They didn’t have to worry about compatibility with standards and other servers. As WhatsApp does so far. For many, it turned out to be easier to write their own modern protocol than to redo XMPP.