This can be done without using extensions, but it’s just more convenient with this. For example, the Firefox browser has a settings menu available at: about:config. You need to create a string named general.useragent.override and assign it the desired value. For example, if you write there it is Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; en), sites will think that you are using the Internet Explorer browser on Windows. You can also set this parameter only for a specific site. For example, create the line “general.useragent.override.google.com” and assign it the desired value.


Yeah, this is the way to do it without extensions, but it is way less convenient as you have to write the whole thing manually, while extensions make it really easy to switch between OSes, Browsers and all that.

Thanks! So for after creating a string general.useragent.override and after creating that string in about:config, I should put a value. What’s the value to be put in to make sites think that I am using Google Chrome on Windows?


Sometimes I pass off my Firefox browser as the Chrome browser on Android. This gives me the ability to upload photos to Instagram from my PC. )))

If you want to know which line to register in order to pass off your browser as Chrome on Windows, then it’s easy: There’s a list there.

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