Is there any FOSS to manage subscriptions? My particular need is to trigger an API call upon subscription to start the service, and then bill subscribers based on their usage. The service would report the usage to the subscription manager.

It would be awesome if the manager also provides a user area for subscribers to manage their subscription, pay bills and change a few settings, create support tickets, etc.

Duplicate of since I am not sure this kind crossposts are allowed.


For now, I could find servicebot even though it is abandoned for 4 years now. it does most of what I need.


Manage subscriptions to what? And what for?

If you’re interested in FOSS, chances are you can run a service based on donation and that’ll be better for you and your users. You can check out (and others) for this purpose.

I mean if you’re going into more details maybe someone can have ideas, but your request is very abstract so far :)


It is a subscription to a hosting platform. Subscribers register for free and should be charged per usage or add-ons.

Donations would not work for my use case.


What kind of usage are you referring to? So far it sounds like a typical e-commerce platform with an integration toggling a flag per service/addon in your database.


Exactly, If enabling a paid service, it should trigger consumption and billing. If only using free stuff, the service stays free and the final invoice shows 0 money to pay.

However, unpon initial subscription to the platform/service, the subscription manger should trigger a webhook to start the actual service. You know just spins some containers.

There is but it seems too clumsy.

Something like Zuora or Chargebee is what I am after.

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