I obviously like Lemmy, but i wonder if there are more interesting alternatives i don’t know about.

I would interested in some objective analysis, I doesn’t have to be really popular , it can be just a place to post for some extra quality discussion.


I like both lemmy and tildes, but i think lemmy is currently the best “batteries included” alternative, what i like about it:

  • open source and under the AGPL, so no chance of it becoming purely proprietary, it can also be forked if it goes in a bad direction or some one wants to do something more innovating with the design.
  • separates the counts of upvotes and downvotes, so if 300 people liked my post and upvoted it and 600 hated it and downvoted it i can still know 300 people liked it
  • federated, disputes about moderation policies will probably happen, So if you don’t like it start your own instance and let the best moderator win, let the best moderation policy evolve naturally.
  • mark replies as read manually just like email which is nice if you read a replay and return to it later.

what i like about tildes:

  • has an exemplary tag you can give only once every 8 hours, i feel it encourages more high quality content
  • it can show you new comments since your last visited
  • it has a few large groups and you can’t add more but you can tag stuff, you can then treat a tag like a subreddit and see the top posts for a certain period of time (e.g. the highest voted posts this week tagged with “social media”). so you don’t have to start a small subreddit and then work hard to gain readers.

Stuff they both miss:

advantage they both have (that not all other alternatives seem to have):

  • sorting by top of week/month/whatever, useful if you visit just occasionally but looking for high quality stuff.

Not “votal.net” : it went up in smoke on 2021 August 29 without any warnings, & it never came back, see :

Honestly I think that Lemmy is pretty good, even if you discount the whole federation aspect. On that note also its fork, Hexbear, is quite interesting.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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