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Not to mention that closed source developers have an interest in preventing third party mods development (because they can compete with the regular offering).

There was some work on a libre steam alternative, but it does not seem to have the ability to sell games.

You can join feneas, that’s basically their mission and they said they want help.

The rest really depends on your skills and what you do best (or estimate you will do best).

What I mean is that Tinder and otherwise for-profit software uses drop feeds, so they deliberately give you only a bit of what you like in your feeds.

Sadly i am not really seeing open source social media platforms giving you that advantage, they don’t have more filtering options and ways to hunt down the content you want, a exception might be wordpress, where you can have a RSS feed for whatever category you want (so i don’t have to follow the whole blog, just some topic i am interested in).

I think the only one that’s “proven” for usage on the internet is bitcoin’s proof of work mechanism.

I don’t really understand how bitcoin work , and don’t see how it is applicable to project governance (if it’s about giving a CPU cycles that can also be “forged”).

Do you mean something traditional like “make everyone apply for ID cards then send them registration info by registered post, then set a date when they all have to walk to polling stations…” ? That also sounds like hard work.

Maybe something like openstreetmap or AAAS (i don’t think they have to do stuff like mailing ID cards), it’s not easy but that’s a reasonable amount of work, not like trying a bunch of different models that end up failing (so you try one and then it fails and you need to try the next one), and if the whole thing isn’t going well you have to figure out if it’s because the model sucks or something else sucks.

And TBH IMO the only proven thing about traditional voting systems is that they are corruptable. They can be make less corruptable, but those innovations / improvements are also not “proven”.

Any system that is influenced by people can suck because people can suck, innovating and coming up with something new that “sucks less” is very hard.

I am pretty sure you can get it whitelisted, otherwise talking to some regulation agency that is in charge of anti-competitive practices should do it, or even just threatening to do it (that’s what i do when business started to act in a sleazy manner with me).

Wikipedia is a democracy (the board is elected by the editors), so it’s not like there is no oversight, it also basically competes with google and facebook which have a lot more money (google alone is at almost 200 billion a year), A competitor can appear and use more aggressive monetization to create a better website using wikipedia’s freely license data (i am pretty sure there is already a startup trying to do that).

The WMF’s financial independence is clearly not at any risk. So what is going on? The official answer is that the WMF thinks you can never have too much money put aside for a rainy day

I actually read the link and I may be tired but i am pretty sure it doesn’t say what he says they are saying (they just want more and more money), it makes me question the trustworthiness of the whole article.

If you write such a critical article i think you should request a response from the foundation (that’s just good journalism IMO).

But if someone thinks they can run a more efficient operation at the wikimedia foundation by all means run in their elections.

if I was a graphic designer or a “Laws of UX”-er I’d be more aware of the interface and, if necessary, how to improve it?

UX designer or even UX researcher is the job description you are looking for, and yes they are in short supply in FOSS projects.

This seems like a fairly complex subject (should take a while to read and understand all these rules).

So i think lemmy could benefit from someone who understand these rules that would just start posting github issues with feedback on the design.

RISC-V will hopefully change that, but so far it seems like everyone is just using it to make closed source processors minus the ISA licensing fee

That’s not true, there are several open source implementations , some of them even supported by companies (sifive for example supports rocket-chip). There could be several “closed” implementations that could be using a open source design and we would not know about it (companies have a interest to hide this, because just the decision to do this could have taken time and therefore money so you don’t want competitors copying you).

I don’t think it’s actually open source hardware (more like friendly to open source software). the hardware design files don’t exist under a open source license as far as i know.

I don’t see it in the open source hardware certification directory.

For the fediverse to bring creators over, there needs to be a monetary incentive for them. The fediverse being in opposition of both ads and profits

That can actually be a strong selling point, doing some modifications to peertube so it could deliver ads and creators could keep a bigger share of it (which is OK, there is nothing wrong with making money, especially for small and independent creators).

I am on friendica and lemmy, and honestly reddit and facebook still have a better featureset (with lemmy providing stronger competition then friendica), And if the feature set is not better why not just use what is the bigger option with more content?

Also I think it would be interesting to do some user research, going to some high quality content creators and asking what would they want from a platform .

That’s a possibility, but also you could go with a more conservative strategy (sparing yourself the hard work of innovating) by just using the bylaws and governance of some other establish organisation as a “proven” design.

It’s obviously not a silver bullet, but it can help make lemmy more competitive with high quality content creators.

If you want to make a comparison to countries according to the democracy index iraq is not really a democracy, i think if you will compare countries democracy score with some measurement of well being (e.g. life satisfaction scores) you will find there is a good correlation. not a perfect one because other things are also effecting well being (e.g. quality of education , culture ).

Last i heard they started a fundraiser (viewable on there site), I hope they pull through, I do think that if someone wants to have a go at them it will probably have to help by becoming an admin. They said they could not even announce they have problems because they didn’t have the man power to manage social media.

I think democracy is underrated, wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the word and is a democracy. science is one of the most highly regarded journals in the world and is managed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (also a democracy), it’s surprising how these organisations manage to compete with for profit or even just non democratic nonprofit (that they are not doing something terribly dumb that makes them fail).

Debian has a similar system, a system of “direct democracy” is interesting .

Lemmy model works but i think it could also use whatever competitive advantage it could get. “content is king” and i and most people just go where there is the most interesting content, Lemmy is still a “snack” to me because it does not have a lot of content and i get most of it from reddit (and other non social media sites of course, with a little facebook and twitter thrown in).

A doubt this is a good way, click farms are a thing, as i said in the comment i linked to maybe having a certain number of submission to popular communities will be also good (because there is more of a chance they will be detected as bots in popular communities), maybe a invite system (where members can “invite” a certain number of individuals to be members) can also work.

paying also has another advantage as it would help lemmy funding which seems less then great right now.

There are actually organisations for this, like the software in the public interest which actually hosts the “Debian democracy” and the software freedom conservatory.

There is also feneas which is sort of a democracy so maybe it can provide a instance managed this way.

Democratic governance in Lemmy (making Lemmy more "democratic")

The topic came up in this discussion of what feature would you like lemmy to have. I talked with nutomic (one of the developers) a bit about this and he suggested opening a separate topic so we could discuss if and how to implement it best…