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See here. The graph for six month active users is a little glitchy (I think because lemmy.ml was listed twice under two different URL).

There does seem to be very small growth in 6 month active users, not as fast as a few other fediverse platforms (such as friendica and writefreely) . but i got my fingers crossed that third party lemmy tools will create some really compelling features and help push the adoption of lemmy (I think addons can enhance open source software, like how firefox addons helped firefox adoptions).

I used a work laptop with windows before, it worked fine for me, this sounds like more of some configuration problem.

Linux still has it’s problems, i still get screen tearing on firefox when running videos (This is 2021 , this should not happen), KDE wayland tech should solve this but it’s not yet production ready. I still get bugs and glitches which can be annoying to fix (KDE “Move to Trash” being extremely slow is one of them). the whole “different packages for different distros” concept can be confusing and flatpak needing to download gigabytes to work can also be off putting. I don’t think i ever encountered a user facing bug in facebook or google products.

Nothing prevents the installation of Linux on cheap laptops, IIRC there was already an attempt to do that (see Ubuntu Netbook Edition).

Some simple RES features would be nice:

  1. tagging a user, e.g. i should be able to tag you as LES developer (LES being lemmy enhancement suite)

  2. showing the sums of upvotes and downvotes you gave to a certain user, e.g. the number “3” will appear next to the user name, clicking on it will showed you upvoted it 4 times and downvoted him 1 time.

You could see how the UX for these work by installing RES upvoting someone and licking on the number (should be +1).

Sounds very interesting

Please post it here when it’s ready to publish.

There are many reasons the Linux desktop isn’t very popular, they lead to lower adoption which creates lower investment and prevents these problem from being solved, If linux would have been such an attractive platform for the casual users business people will recognize the opportunity and will bundle it more and more in preinstalled computers (and as it was said they are preinstalled, they just not selling as well as windows or mac preinstalls).

I might get crucified for saying this but i think part of the problem is there isn’t really an organisation or project “leader” who is really great at building what people want, Say what you want about google ethically but if you will go to statcounter and chart a graph of chrome os growth in usage you will see pretty consistent growth , Linux also seems to be moving up, I am hoping linux mint and maybe pop os will be the next leader in this domain but according to my calculations chrome os is growing about twice as fast as Linux so that’s another thing to ponder.

I think it would be relatively easy to create a browser extension that modifies lemmy to do that (it could be part of something like a “lemmy enhancement suite” ).

Would be nice to get some features from RES, also just showing when there are new comments (something like this).

I also suggest adding github topics to make the project more discoverable (see lemmy github)

besides lemmy which i use the most friendica is also nice.

Maybe the website needs to have some sort of FAQ, something like the wayland faq, Wayland was another “controversial” tech which had a lot of critics some of them having poorly based criticism but all the advocacy and seeing it mature probably made a difference and now i don’t really see it criticized .

Even if we have the report functionality, facebook for example makes about 32 dollars per user (at least that’s what google says), that means they can hire people to do full time moderation and making sure more reports are addressed, So i am still unsure it will be better (unless volunteers handle enough of the work load).

Could lemmy really do a better job at it? If it will start getting millions of comments everyday how well can it start hunting down every piece of nonsense some dude writes?

Also I see that some people complain about stuff that is “incorrect” and potentially damaging being written and not getting censored, but is that always bad? when people discuss things and it can help create better decisions (I think there is research on this) and you could get quality feedback saying why you are wrong. I had some pretty crazy stuff argued in front of me IRL and i managed to help someone think about things in a more rational way. They could also just move to posting this stuff on other social media or just IRL.

This is better asked on the github page, but because it is written in java i would make an somewhat educated guess that it runs on all platforms (maybe some testing will reveal small problems).

But why run it on anything but Linux?

Not that i know of, But you can ask the developers for that feature.

These issues seem like reasonable criticism, I would estimate they would add support in the future to at least gitlab and hopefully gitea/codeberg.

I suggest you open an issue on the bug tracker and maybe even add a bounty (the developers seem responsive, they changed the license to AGPL because of an external request).

I don’t think it’s a major issue, it’s not like being a non profit somehow makes it impossible for the organisation to act as a scam.


There are other platforms for open source bounties , at least some of them I reviewed . I think this one is the best because:

  • it’s under a copyleft license, so less of a chance a of it becoming proprietary, also no one can take the code and create a closed source competitor.

  • It can show the most funded issues both on the website itself, and for a particular project (e.g. i3 ) this can be a more reliable indicator for how much a feature or bugfix is appreciated by the community then just a “Thumbs Up” on github, it can give people the chance to put their money where their mouth is (the money can even go to some unrelated charity).

Rysolv is a open source platform for posting bounties under the AGPL

@wiki_metoLemmyPromoting Lemmy

If we are talking about Lemmy, then the vast majority of potential users probably just never heard of it, especially as its a very new project. But if you have any ideas how to improve the UX of Lemmy (including surveys or whatever), please do tell.

You could try and do some outreach , going to the subreddit redditalternatives and asking about new features, Or do some UX study , basically you find someone who you think could be the target audience, sit him in front of the software (or the website where he starts his exposure ) and tell him your testing the software and not him, and see how he manages. I have a few ideas for improvements, they have pros and cons and might not be worth it, but for now getting the report functionality working seems like the most important issue, but besides that I have said it before and i still think the user story around following a discussion is too bad, on reddit you can “subscribe” to a post to get new comments (which does not seem to work great but is better then nothing), on lemmy you can’t do that.

Liberapay and Lemmy are fundamentally different projects, and people join them for different reasons. Donating to a project is something that only needs one person (or two, donor and recipient). But people will only join a discussion forum if their community goes there, or they find a new community they like.

Maybe they are that different, it will be interesting to see if there are any stats that support this hypothesis, what are the statistics for new signups? what is the “retention rate” (do these users sign up and then leave).

Besides extensions, writing a custom frontend would also give a lot of flexibility. In fact you can probably do the exact same things that way.

Browser extension are also good (You can look at RES for inspiration, it’s great for power users which are the users that can really make a difference in the adoption of software i think), but people need to find out about them to use them, which could be difficult because some developers would be against putting them in the play store (which could provide exposure).

Democratic governance in Lemmy (making Lemmy more "democratic")

The topic came up in this discussion of what feature would you like lemmy to have. I talked with nutomic (one of the developers) a bit about this and he suggested opening a separate topic so we could discuss if and how to implement it best…