For me, it’s jingle all the way. It’s got everything. A drunk reindeer. A terrorist mailman. Arnold punching a deer. Arnold punching Sinbad. Arnold punching Santa. Arnold in general.

Edit: sure are a lot of die hard fans of Die Hard.

    7 months ago

    We swap between two movies each year.

    Even years it is A LION IN WINTER, an amazing film with insanely quotable dialogue. (EDIT: Why? On “star power” alone, this movie is outrageously cast.)

    Odd years it is A CHRISTMAS STORY, which is equally quotable (perhaps more so). (EDIT: Why? Because so many things in this film ring true to my own childhood - having to have last-minute dinner at a Chinese restaurant because of a disaster, for example, or begging for a b-b-gun…)