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#1612 discusses Federation in general but I wanted to open an issue for the ActivityPub + ForgeFed solution specifically and concretize this unit of work. Let's keep to discussing ActivityP...

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An opportunity for Golang devs to work on a great FOSS project with funding: Bringing Gitea to the Fediverse with ActivityPub support and the ForgeFed protocol…


I use gitea, and it is amazing, but if you want to make your code more public, you essentially need people already on your website. This is a great idea!

77M is the best public instance of it I know of… lemmy has remotes there, as well as on our own gitea.

But yeah, one of the main points of social coding is that you wanna view and interact with your favorite projects in one place, not make 30 accounts on individual self-hosted sites. Federation via activitypub is the only scalable way to beat github.


I encourage you to also look at and where they’ll take the whole idea even further. They are the ones that provided the funding as a cut from a DAPSI grant they received themselves (and possible there are other sources that complement further what is now available).


This looks like an amazing initiative! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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