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Although, I have found a lot of cases on there advertised as FOSS, when in reality they are proprietary.

There is an option to turn on mangohud in the system settings. Also in there, you can set environment variables.

No, just clone the repo, copy and alter the config, use their uwsgi config and reverse proxy with your web service

This was very interesting. I use btrfs on my laptop without raid, so I never encountered these pitfalls.

You could also look into other platforms such as peertube and lbry, that actually respect your privacy.

Most modern terminals will show you the text before actually pasting, but this is good advice regardless.

For an e2ee capable matrix client that doesn’t use electron, look at nheko. I have recently switched, and it is fantastic. You will need element temporarily to bootstrap keys, but after that, nheko will be able to do everything for you!

I have been running /e/ for over a year and I have to say that it has been great. As opposed to lineage, they have stripped out as much of the Google stuff as possible while keeping it working (they use microG).

You can do this with wireguard and pihole listening on the wg interface. On your clients, you can specify your server as your DNS server.

I don’t get why people don’t just use youtube-dl rather than flooding the comments

They said they are self hosting…

This looks like an amazing initiative! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I use gitea, and it is amazing, but if you want to make your code more public, you essentially need people already on your website. This is a great idea!

Title is a bit misleading. This is only in Norway and Sweden. Still good, but nowhere near as good as you might think.

I usually just use a terminal ls-ing and cd-ing around, but when I use a file explorer, I use thunar which gets the job done.

Thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to update asap!

I missed that part, that is a good argument against the effectiveness of individual activism. As for what I think about hypocritical activism, I think there is a fine line between it being necessary in the short term to coming across as overtly hypocritical and shallow, thus undermining the entire point they are making.

I would argue that your anecdote about fishing is flawed. If you care about over fishing, you don’t just not fish, you don’t eat fish either, thus reducing the market for fish and so businesses will fish less.

As for individual activism being self defeating, I feel like you are ignoring the self fulfillment of doing something for a cause by yourself.

All this being said, you definitely make some good points, and more variety in activism is useful for the cause. What opinions do you have when doing political/communal activism goes against the point you are fighting for (eg promoting the negatives of social media on social media)?