SimpleLogin | Open-source email alias solution

Protect your email address with email ALIAS. Create a different email alias for each website. No more phishings, spams.

I personally use SimpleLogin


there is also anonaddy


Indeed is an alternative, open source and the Android app is in F-Droid.

Dreeg Ocedam

I’ve considered self hosting my mail, but if you self host your aliases are all recognisable because you are the only one using your domain name.


Are you worried about spammers ? Most spammers are in a hurry and do not manually target you. If you use an email alias per company you are in touch with you can be assured that most of them will not figure out that you are the only one using that email domain. Self hosting email can be an interesting adventure though it is sometimes a wobbly road to go. Much easier to for example self host a blog site in comparison.

Dreeg Ocedam

It could work to deal with spammers, but I also want my pseudonymous accounts and my real name accounts to not be linkable, even by someone that actively tries to do so and somehow gets their hands on both my emails.


I see. Well, if I remember correctly when your real email host is down (Even a giant like Google has had down time) then an email alias could show your real email address in bounces.

Dreeg Ocedam

The solution I think I’m going to use is to have with my custom domain name for my real address and use random aliases for stuff I don’t want to keep my real email private from.

I’m currently using Firefox relay but it is quite limited.

I don’t see how downtime of a provider could lead to leaking my real email.


The idea looks good. If your real email host is down and the elsewhere email alias host is trying to deliver email it could cause bounces saying that real email address at the real host cannot be reached. It is years ago I believe I saw something like that, and maybe I’m wrong, but I find the topic is interesting enough to test drive that in real life.


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