His assesment about Matrix’s centralisation isn’t quite right. I’ve been on Matrix via somethig else than matrix.org for months through a co-op service, and it works fine. Not sure how much work they have to do for it though.


Regardless of the criticism Matrix is probably one of the best bets right now of a federated, decentralized real-time communication platform. Yes it gets complicated at the spec/protocol level when one is made to support so many use cases like Twitter,VR,IM,collaborative editing,bridges,bots,integration,video,audio,encryption,multi-device etc. but that is necessary to have a rich,diverse and modern protocol. The criticism is mainly at the specific IRC bridge and the clients. Admittedly the IRC bridge isn’t perfect due to the feature disparity between Matrix and IRC at a protocol level but it has been getting better. And saying that bridge isn’t perfect would be similar to saying IRC or a particular IRC client isn’t perfect.




Not sure if Drew is being ironic, but what he describes sounds exactly like modern XMPP (and specifically not Matrix).

it should just be people using xmpp CMV


It does not protect metadata and from timing attacks. It requires users to trust the servers and volunteers to run such servers. Instead Briar solves these 4 problems.


Both have their uses, especially since Briar is not cross device and doesn’t support images/video (Edit: not yet, that release is expected soon).

If you’re looking to get into XMPP “seriously” you can host your own for around $2USD depending on your host choice - adding more users is easy, and lets you keep things under one roof.

I’ve been looking at Briar to try it out after the Signal changes, but don’t know if I can get friends over to it even if I like it. That’s not the end of the world, but could be a factor. I also have multiple devices, putting XMPP as a more likely canidate especially when it comes to messaging options.


Federation via servers is a trade-off for sure. But pure p2p really isn’t a very good user experience either.

A polished XMPP client for desktop and phone that supports darknet routing through multiple darknets and all the MAM protocols.

This is all we need. Currently we have Conversations (best), Psi (feature filled), Gajim and Dino (barebones), but they need to get better.

“Libre software” means software that respects users’ freedom and community. Roughly, it means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

In particular, four freedoms define Free Software:

The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.

Placing restrictions on the use of Free Software, such as time ("30 days trial period", "license expires January 1st, 2004") purpose ("permission granted for research and non-commercial use", "may not be used for benchmarking") or geographic area ("must not be used in country X") makes a program non-free.

The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs.

Placing legal or practical restrictions on the comprehension or modification of a program, such as mandatory purchase of special licenses, signing of a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) or - for programming languages that have multiple forms or representation - making the preferred human way of comprehending and editing a program ("source code") inaccessible also makes it proprietary (non-free). Without the freedom to modify a program, people will remain at the mercy of a single vendor.

The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.

Software can be copied/distributed at virtually no cost. If you are not allowed to give a program to a person in need, that makes a program non-free. This can be done for a charge, if you so choose.

The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits.

Not everyone is an equally good programmer in all fields. Some people don't know how to program at all. This freedom allows those who do not have the time or skills to solve a problem to indirectly access the freedom to modify. This can be done for a charge.
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