We already have !opensource@lemmy.ml, which Libre culture is a sister ideology to, but it’s a little ambiguous whether Libre culture includes all open source or just the copyleft parts. I’m going to assume everyone here knows the difference between open source and copyleft and the problems with permissive open source, so I won’t get into it now. I’m holding a community discussion on whether this community should allow sharing of non-copyleft projects, or if that should go in !opensource@lemmy.ml while !libre_culture@lemmy.ml focuses on Libre philosophy and sharing of copyleft projects.

I should note that disallowing non-copyleft projects would not disallow discussions of open source regardless of whether it mentions copyleft, just the promotion of non-copyleft projects and non-copyleft licenses.


I am torn on if it should of not.

After thinking about it, I think we should stick to copy left licenses. Like you mention there is already the OpenSource SubLemmy, and for me it comes down to why do you believe in Libre Culture. For next it’s not just a passive thing of " oh, I made a thing so I guess I’ll release it so others can view it." Free Software is an active good that should be promoted.


In my opinion, the differences between “copyleft” (by which I think you mean free, as in the FSF standard) and “open source” is not so cut-and-dry good vs bad. For instance, many libre culture enthusiasts have their reasons for using more permissive licenses (MIT, Public Domain, etc) or more restrictive ones (like the Peer Production License), neither of which meet the FSF standard.

For example, VVVVVV videogame which is open source but it’s not libre would not be allowed?


It wouldn’t be allowed if the new rule is implemented.

I think it makes sense, fuck those fuckers, liberá el código guachin.

What is libre culture?

Libre culture is all about empowering people. While the general philosophy stems greatly from the free software movement, libre culture is much broader and encompasses other aspects of culture such as music, movies, food, technology, etc.

Some beliefs include but aren’t limited to:

  • That copyright should expire after a certain period of time.
  • That knowledge should be available to people, not locked away.
  • That no entity should have unjust control or possession of others.
  • That mass surveillance is about mass control, not justice.
  • That we can all band together to help liberate each other.

Check out this link for more.


I’ve looked into the ways other forums handle rules, and I’ve distilled their policies down into two simple ideas.

  • Please show common courtesy: Let’s make this community one that people want to be a part of.

  • Please keep posts generally on topic

  • No NSFW content

  • When sharing a Libre project, please include the name of its license in the title. For example: “Project name and summary (GPL-3.0)”

Libre culture is a very very broad topic, and while it’s perfectly okay for a conversation to stray, I do ask that we keep things generally on topic.

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