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Except YouTube has already been censoring information. I know that YouTube has forced ML creator Hakim make some of his videos unlisted. Since we are already on that slippery slope, I am fine with YouTube also coming down on anti-vaxxers.

The fact that FSF europe didn’t know Stallman was coming back, and now that staff is resigning, just makes me more confused as to what is going on internally at the FSF.

Flutter is now the default choice for Ubuntu Apps

I don’t really understand Canonical’s decisions. Early on Ubuntu really did make things simpler, but now days most distros have caught up in terms of usability, and now it just seems like Canonical tries to do things differently for no benefit. (See trying Unity, but switching back to Gnome, or tryi…

It is genuinely different from many other languages, while also having enough of an ecosystem to allow you to write useful programs. For me, my brain likes how Haskell works, but I am probably in the minority with that. In programming discussions like these, I don’t think enough credit is given to the idea that people’s brains are just different, so if you check it out and don’t like it, its all good.

Yet another reason I am glad I am waiting on getting a PS5.

Not too surprising. I had hoped that the threat of Trump creating a “patriot party” would encourage the republicans to break with him, but I guess not.

Even as I am now an adult, I really don’t understand this adulthood amnesia. I completely agree with this blog post.

Clickbait. Beginning of second paragraph:

" It’s not the result of a new hack — rather, these are credentials that had been stolen as part of previous breaches and leaks from companies like Netflix and LinkedIn. "

Its a compilation of credentials from old hacks.

This is why you should encrypt your phone as well.

A Response to Johnathan Blow: Is Abstraction Killing Civilization?

Changed the title so it is more clear that the post is responding to clickbait, not clickbait itself. An excellent response to Johnathan Blow…

It isn’t meant as a hot take. It’s just some vapid business article written for middle management who doesn’t have any actual technical knowledge.

This quote is rich, "What is not part of war in any way at all is sexual offences. " Twenty years ago torture wasn’t either. How long until you change your mind on sexual offences too, Ben?

I am torn on if it should of not.

After thinking about it, I think we should stick to copy left licenses. Like you mention there is already the OpenSource SubLemmy, and for me it comes down to why do you believe in Libre Culture. For next it’s not just a passive thing of " oh, I made a thing so I guess I’ll release it so others can view it." Free Software is an active good that should be promoted.