Do Adults Really Not Remember School Sucked? - Ian Welsh

One of the constant refrains which has bemused me during the pandemic is all the people saying how much kids want to go back to school. What? This has struck me as crazy, because I don’t seem to have childhood amnesia. I didn’t like school, and I remember that almost no kid I ever met, even those who did, preferred school to


Yeah, but situation at home might not be so enjoyable for the kids either. Meeting friends and not being under constant supervision by your parents/siblings are the good points about school I guess. And of course not all schools are as bad as the caricature this article paints to get the point across. For example they often have nice facilities for sports or arts that would be difficult to do at home and many teachers do genuinely care about their students.

Children do find it difficult being stuck at home for months on end. So it’s easy to fool yourself that they want to go back to school, when really they want to go back to seeing their friends.


I remember liking school overall. Had some bad things,had some good…

Even as I am now an adult, I really don’t understand this adulthood amnesia. I completely agree with this blog post.

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