I’m all for all of this, but I am having a hard time with PeerTube in particular. I want to move to it, but I can’t find an instance that isn’t loaded up with Politics. Is there an English, non-Political PeerTube Instance?


I just put out a review of exactly that kind of instance, take a look!


Cool thing is that if you are having a hard time finding the right instance you can set your own instead!!

There’s sepia search which is a search engine for a large portion of peertube instances videos, there’s also joinpeertube.org which you can input your interests and find an instance that way (though I will admit its not perfect). If I can promote a peertube instance I use a lot there’s TILVids which kind of fits your preference, It’s the official instance for a lot of creators and even pine64.


Most instances are indeed orientated towards a topic: left-wing or right-wing politics, technology, education etc. Depending on what you want the account for (post videos or subscribe and comment) you could go with the mastodon ones. Like peertube.mastodon.host or go with TILvids one (it does not federate though unfortunately)

peertube.social is the one i see @felipeforte@lemmygrad.ml posting on and it has 2k users, but I couldn’t create account there (not allowed). I didn’t want to join some random one, any suggestions?

peertube.social has a political stance, though.


You can request an account if you want by following the blogpost published last month. Keep in mind that you need to read the instances’s about page with the rukes etc to make ssure you accept them. Although there is no obligation to post politics the instance does have an explicit stance.


There’s peertube.linuxrocks.online. It’s full of tech. There’s a donations part, but unsure if anything is accepted aside from Monero.

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