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Celebrando la independencia de México bajo el agua…

Translations, donations and actively educating people to use FOSS


Ok it all depends on what you need. having your data replicated in other servers can be seen as a feature as well as a downside. I guess if you want all the privacy / security you need to go with


  • End to End Encrypted
  • No central Server
  • Goes through the Tor Network.
  • Group Chats available



  • End to End Encrypted
  • No central Server
  • Group chats available? (not sure, I think not)
  • But Drops a lot of messages :( .


I self host my matrix so no problem there

For some reason I don’t trust Signal any more. Matrix is my go to app when I want privacy

8.- ecryptfs (which Debian dropped recently from its repos)

This is whay I get on a python console:

[GCC 8.3.0] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> print('SintaxError: invalid syntax':
  File "<stdin>", line 1
    print('SintaxError: invalid syntax':
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
>>> ```

Cool thing is that if you are having a hard time finding the right instance you can set your own instead!!

@oriondtoChessMagnus blunders!

If you like blunders you should see mine!!!

Congratulations @dessalines@lemmy.ml Thanks for making this awesome component of the fediverse available!!

How can I help?

Is it just opening a provisional account on those servers and playing around?


It has always created a conflict to me the fact that Signal is open source and yet there are no forks out there. You would think someone would come with a fork outside the US or something.

Sometimes I have even thought that Signal may be a social engineering effort from the NSA, or some three letter agency to bring and spy on all the “people that have something to hide” I mean, wouldn’t it be brilliant?

Besides, on any centralized service, you never know that they are actually running the published “open source” code and not a modified one.

For security, I would go to Matrix in a self hosted server.

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Too bad it does not have an F-droid Version. I would have installed otherwise.

It is funny how you need an environmental impact assessment to build a house but not to have a freaking child!

Darktable is such an awesome software!

I agree, I stopped creating content for Youtube and now I do it for Peertube, at a price, because my instance is most of the time stopping to reload the videos, so when I share my content, it is not the same experience for people. But still, I love Peertube and the concept is amazing.

What software is missing in the free software world?

My list:

  • A privacy respecting Dating platform…

I love old technology advertisements!..