only in the US


oh no lmao the story continues

These dumbfucks are going to kill themselves and blame us


And they will keep yelling about how leftists are all actually Nazis while literally burning books. The worst kind of fascists are all fascists, but the next in line are the ones that don’t seem to realize that they are. The combination of massive corp greed across all media has done the real work for indoctrinating so many. Doublespeak and gaslighting all the culture war stuff. The right is doing a terrifyingly good job at making people actually proud to be ignorant. It is “American” to be consumed with placing individualism above community. So convinced that any and all assistance programs are “evil” or that we can’t “encourage laziness”. Which is ironic given how folks that claim this shit are among the worst offenders for grifting or otherwise scamming people that do work hard. The “pro-law and order” folks are among the worst offenders of literally breaking laws and threatening people and property (which they won’t STFU about how "Antifa is being trucked into places in order to break shit). I wouldn’t lose sleep if I ever had to put down any of them, as they are only tripling down on their stances and open threats. Not willing to just take the L on shit they have been, or currently are, wrong about (which is admittedly a big step ego-wise). Which is why I do try to do what I can if I manage to get a good-faith conversation going, and I see them actually having their mind blown. But that requires a lot of factors lining up and time isn’t on our side atm.

RED Vulpix

And they wonder why the average American is dumber than the global average.

Next is book burning I’m calling it

Too late, happened already earlier this year, remember?

The book being burned is Maus, a book about the Holocaust. The irony is not lost on me.

holy shit let me leave

Back during the build up to the Holocaust the Nazis would use the groomer slander on Jews and other groups they sought to genocide.


Realizing now how the fascists feel when folks go after police funding


And to make matters worse, most of the furor seems to be over two drawn graphic novel panels that depicts sucking on a strap on. It’s less titillating than many magazine photoshoots. This would never happen if it the graphic novel did not depict LGBTQ relationships.

Rural Michigan (or anywhere in the west) in a single picture, quite unfortunate. Illiteracy and functional illiteracy serve the bourgeois.


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