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Don’t engage with them, just report them and move on. This ain’t the place for them and if they are here it isn’t going to be in good faith.

The US has this weird hero worship thing for vets. It is an indoctrinated reflex for people to say “thank you for your service”. It is so prevalent that a lot of vets, especially younger ones, even find it tiresome.

Another thing is that by treating soldiers and veterans as special, the Capitalist class helps assure their loyalty. Veterans have more social safety nets for this reason as it helps keep them from becoming lumpen-proletariat or otherwise being as exposed to the harsher conditions of Capitalism.

The ruling classes have learned via history that the military is its own sort of faction, and keeping that faction happy is often the difference between staying in power or not. Veterans are included in that, because active duty want to know they’ll be looked after when they finish, plus veterans leave the military with training particularly suited toward removing people from power.

I want to see documentaries and films about all the real efforts put forth to reverse climate change, restore ecologies, return endangered species to their natural habitat, regrow lost vegetation, and overall see everything bloom again.

I want to see news stories about “the last person to be homeless” with fanfare celebrating as they walk into their new beautiful home. I want stories showing truly restorative journeys conquering and overcoming opioid addictions. I want to see the last trailer park get demolished by a backhoe while the camera pans out to show a sign for new good quality public housing condos.

I want to see natural disasters handled with such efficiency there are no deaths or injuries and interviews with people who just lost their homes saying something like, “It is hard but we’ve been given good housing while we rebuild and everyone is safe and together. The emergency workers even found our old photos and they are at the government restoration labs now, and we should get all our memories back in a week! The old regime would never have done this for us.” I want to see stories about the disbandment of last of the world’s nuclear arsenals.

I want to see documentaries about the formation of the “Coalition of Former Colonized Socialist Republics” showing how an incredible pact of socialist nations consisting of former colonized peoples formed and elevated their people above the effects of colonization and can now find fulfilment and happiness in their restored cultures and identities, treated with equal dignity by their peers.

Basically, I want to see the opposite of today’s trends.

I understand. I hate it too. I want it to fall too.

But I want it to fall specifically to the benefit of the next generation. Not to the detriment. Future working class people will have enough on their plate with things like climate change. And even if the revolution is happening right now the vestiges of Capitalism will take several generations to wipe away. During that time the next generations will need every tool at their disposal to fix what we failed to fix in our lifetimes.

This will permanently cripple the future of an entire generation of working class irreparably, even if a Communist revolution takes place in their locale in their lifetime.

This is the owning class placing children on the sacrificial alter. This is the Capitalist class once again fucking over the working class.

This is something to kill Capitalists over, not celebrate.

Gonna go out on a limb here and wager you weren’t saying, “this sucks for the women but it guarantees America’s failure long term so…” when abortion was criminalized recently.

Children are an age group, and singling out a specific group based on biological factors as a sort of sacrifice doesn’t sit well with me.

I have liked a lot of your contributions to various Lemmy posts but this one should be revisited, Comrade.

Amnesty is toothless and spineless, might as well be a jellyfish

Of course libs lost their mind, they support atrocities when it is them doing it, and Amnesty was talking like it is a bad thing, so obviously shame on Amnesty

Very real. People here have to ration their insulin, if they have any at all, and because of that often go into diabetic coma and die. Insulin in the US costs about $400USD/month on the low end. For a while I was paying for one of my friend’s insulin each month because I was in an okay place economically and she was not, and at the time I was paying about $600/month for her’s. She’s since taken over covering her own insulin since her economic situation improved, but most people don’t experience personal economic growth in the US so most people wouldn’t have that option. Also, had she not gotten in a better place economically the arrangement we had would’ve crashed since my own economic situation took a downturn from 2016 until the last few months with a new job.

I remember that, it was on the news for about a day, then everybody forgot about him.

Maybe, that is how I learned of this site. I try to hit the “All” button though to get more content, but tbh I never looked into how federation worked and what the instances even mean on a technological level. I should probably do that since I work in tech and admitting that makes me feel foolish.

I see your point. I guess I am just split between my paranoid side that has go bags and learned Spanish with intent and the loneliness of living in a conservative area with no active parties and orgs, lemmy being my only outlet.

Loneliness won this post I suppose.

Yup. And the new president of South Korea wants to make it longer while reducing the minimum wage.

Edit: Some sauce, feel free to look for more - https://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/1048407.html

Lowkey identifying each other?
So many communities use little subtle symbols and stickers and such to help identify each other in public. For instance, those of us in the BDSM/kink community can pretty easily recognize the triskelion (looks kinda like a yin/yang except has three droplet shapes inside the circle instead of two, is also usually black and white) if we see a sticker like that on a laptop. Most normies would have no idea what that means though. Are there ways we can sort of identify each other in public that is subtle and not very obvious? A hammer and sickle sticker or Soviet/Chinese flag (or really any red flag with gold stars that looks remotely Communist) on our laptop would draw a lot of unwanted attention if we are just trying to chill in a cafe or some shit. It'd be nice to know occasionally if I had allies in the same room every now and then, shit's lonely.

He was successful in furthering socialism in Russia and also killed Nazis.

Libs hate socialism. Libs hate Russia. Libs like Nazis.

I hope I get to see the US fall in my lifetime, and I mean truly fall and not just recede into just a smaller version of itself like the “fall” of the British Empire or Spanish Empire. Name change, regime change, land back, socialism, etc.

He is probably referring to libs who think dancing on some steps while obeying police lines is a revolution. This has been their rhetoric for my whole upbringing.

That said, if we do go to war with China, you can bet there will be a communist roundup and mass arrests by the career bureaucrats, intelligence services, and feds.

Building up my go bag and routes out now. Learning a few foreign languages too.

They are already spreading that weirdness that China created COVID in a lab and deployed it deliberately yada yada.

If the US Empire falls, your plans?
Sorry about the trash title, couldn't think of something more elaborate or appropriate. Also sorry if this isn't the best place to pose this question. So, given the state of world affairs right now, with the decoupling from US currency, soaring prices, impending recession, possible open war, etc., I want to ask fellow US comrades as well as comrades living in other countries like the UK who will be seriously impacted by this: How do you intend to survive the oncoming possible collapse? As we all know, any time there is any sort of crisis, the wealthy are completely unaffected and the burden always falls entirely on working class people. Starvation, homelessness, increased violence, looting, etc. will affect everyone. My household has what would normally be a comfortable income and already this shit is starting to affect us. Or at least that is what the growing empty spaces in our fridge and pantry are telling us, and our electricity bill which doubled since two months ago despite the wattage being about the same. While the collapse of western hegemony will be good for the world at large, collapse doesn't mean disappearance. After all, the Spanish Empire did not suddenly vanish from the world stage just because they lost sea dominance, the United States still might survive as an independent, reactionary, nuclear armed, ultra-conservative, capitalist, shit hole where now the poor are significantly poorer and all those troops stationed overseas are granted law enforcement rights domestically or whatever. And sorry my post is so US-centric, but I can only reasonably speak to local conditions and not as much those of other western nations. I'm interested in what those comrades have to say though for sure! While there are certainly differences in local material conditions there are also a lot of similarities, as well as solutions that can apply to multiple problems. I know (or at least sincerely suspect) that it won't be some world ending apocalypse or whatever doomers will have you believe, but innocent working class people will die. So the question again is: How do you intend to survive the oncoming possible collapse, and possibly even help others?

To Comrades not in a party!...
Just curious and getting a feel, but why? I am not in a party myself, because I can't see any active in my area that I like and those I tried getting in touch with never replied. For now I've settled with joining the IWW and hope to organize my workplace at a later date when I am more settled in, but as of now I am a newbie to my industry and to my company. Maybe once I learn organizing techniques and get a network of people I can trust in my area, I've considered organizing a new party locally, but as of now that is more of a interesting thought than something I can actually accomplish in my current situation with my current knowledge base and current network. What about you? What challenges have held you up so far?

Gun Orgs for Marxists
So I am a bit aware of the John Brown Gun Club and Socialist Rifle Association, but I am looking for more information. Do any comrades here know of or are part of any gun groups for Marxists? Any information could be helpful, including about the two I mentioned. I've heard mixed reviews on both and would like it kind of straightened out. Also additional options or what have you would be nice. I am US based.

So, just wondering why the symbol for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a union, was used for this sublemmy (sorry, don't know what else to call it yet). I mean, I'm supportive of the IWW and am a dues paying wobbly myself. I also support cooperatives and hope to one day be a cofounder and worker/resident at one. However I'm not seeing a direct correlation between the IWW, a majority of whose members are not in a cooperative and cooperatives, a majority of which are not unionized with the IWW, if they are unionized in the first place.