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Agreed. While we can organize or educate in the hopes some future generation uses some of what we build today, nothing good is likely to happen in my lifetime here. Unless a certain tendency is correct and our salvation lies with nuclear fire, I can see that feasibly happening in my lifetime but I’d rather the cost of my potential liberation NOT include the agonizing death of 6-7 billion people or more.

I don’t know much or really anything about them, so the joke is going right over my ignorant head. Could you explain the joke, thus ruining it provide context, comrade?

lol okay buddy.

You can say whatever you want but I’m from the rust belt and have seen the growing graveyard of abandoned warehouses and factories leaking waste into the nearby communities.

Sometimes I wonder why the IMCWP even allows them past the door with takes like that… am I being harsh?

My wager is they’ll keep one of the US generals, but Hitler will definitely be in part of the remaining five.

What!? The iPhone with the longer screen and rearranged camera lenses isn’t a feat of engineering compared to the iPhone with the slightly smaller screen?! But the shiny commercials said it was!

No no no, they are useful for all kinds of things! Like:

  • Gaslighting the masses into voting harder
  • Informing the masses that this coup or that assassination is definitely 100% not from some western intelligence agency
  • Showing stock pictures of sad things and letting the masses know that this is definitely the kind of things enemies of the foreign ministry/state department our enemies make happen
  • Show everyone that line goes up = good capitalism
  • Show everyone that line goes down = bad communism
  • Let everyone know that skyrocketing prices and unmoving wages is just normal inflation, nothing to worry about


Could’ve been an interesting world if Rowling wasn’t a “blood and soil” pro-slavery TERF inserting nonsense into the lore.

After thinking about your post, I see where I am wrong.

Joining out of some form of necessity is one thing, but to have fallen so far as to perform or knowingly enable the actions you’ve described is unforgivable even if your own freedom from prison or family economy is at stake. It was tone deaf of me to even remotely equate those things and my original post was poorly thought out.

The only point I made originally I will defend is this: We should not be wishing mental illness, homelessness/poverty, or drug addiction on anyone. I refuse to believe this is what Communist justice looks like.

I used to live in South Korea. It is closer to 80 hours, 90 if you include the frequent mandatory after work drinking time with the boss which sometimes includes being forced to be unfaithful to your spouse if you are a man or to provide sexual favors if a woman. The use of prostitution is extremely common, particularly among corporate South Korea. Then there is sexual assault and harassment for women in the workforce.

So yeah, South Korea is wonderful /s

You’re not basic, comrade. You are a complex person with numerous reasons, some of which can’t even be elaborated upon due to the limitations of language, as to why you enjoy the food you enjoy.

I never said it was an excuse. The first thing I said was that it isn’t an excuse, here:

First, going to get this straight: I do not support what the US did in Vietnam or really everywhere. I firmly believe those who commit war crimes should be held responsible.

I was saying that too many of the comments showed a lack of understanding about how military recruitment works, the motivations for joining (if willing), the motivations for complying with draft/conscription, etc etc repeat what I already said.

My intention was to bring to light some of the nuance of the situation that was barely touched upon, if at all, since otherwise it would’ve been an echo-chamber of people praising PTSD.

Gonna burn some of my Lemmygrad goodwill with this, but:

First, going to get this straight: I do not support what the US did in Vietnam or really everywhere. I firmly believe those who commit war crimes should be held responsible. That said…

There are a lot of comments here which show a lack of understanding about how the military recruitment and drafting process works. They lack any sense of nuance, and like all working class issues, there is nuance to the actual issues at hand.

First, many of the people in that war were not there by choice, but because they had families to take care of, something impossible to do as a prison slave, they didn’t have much choice. Minorities and the poor were particularly at risk as they couldn’t afford to flee or seek legal counsel or pay bribes.

Second, among those that joined by choice, they were mostly the very poor. Just like military recruitment today, joining the military was seen as the only viable way out of poverty for many people. There are countless communities with no unionized industrial work or benign bureaucratic government work (like being a forester or environmental inspection agent or whatever) or whatever. There are many communities still with a single local gas station as the sole option for employment. So for many, they don’t know what other options exist or can’t even access them.

For those two reasons above, the military has a significant proportion of minorities in their ranks, today and during Vietnam and throughout modern history.

Also, military personnel who disobey commands to commit war crimes don’t have a real way of defending themselves when they are tried and likely executed or put in prison for a life sentence. Again, hard to support a family if you are an unpaid prison slave or executed.

Now, as some of you pointed out, this is exactly why a lot of veterans, especially Vietnam veterans, went on to become staunch anti-war advocates and members/allies of the anti-war movements. Many had firsthand knowledge and experience with the shit Amerikkkan commanders forced them to do and knew what Amerikkkan foreign policy was at its heart, from personal experience.

Of course, I recognize full well that there are genuine fascist POS fuckwads who did and do join out of bloodlust for some minority or other. I recognize those are hopeless cases and they need to be treated as war criminals. However, this issue, like any working class issue, should be looked at with nuance and a real material analysis.

Want to eliminate voluntary entry into the military to escape poverty? Organize marginalized and impoverished communities and help people to find meaningful employment and education opportunities so that they have better choices than risking their life for some rich fuckface who couldn’t give a third of a shit about them. Advocate to keep recruiters out of schools; they prey on the young, naive, and ignorant.

Engage in community organizing to increase resiliency so if a draft or conscription is enacted, people have a better foundation from which to resist. During such events, provide hiding places for those fleeing a draft or some other material support if possible.

Want to reduce lust for minority blood overseas (and domestically)? Advocate and fight for the recognition of minorities as actual human beings, put faces to numbers, and teach working class people that they have more in common with the working class people overseas the State Department wants to bomb than they do with the owning class who direct it. Yeah some people can’t be reached but you might be able to stop it at that generation. My parents were raging racists who used the n-word freely around the house but I was still able to reached early enough that I am fairly certain I turned out okay. Shit even hardcore skinheads can be rehabilitated sometimes.

So tldr; stop just going “hehe have a happy PTSD and merry homelessness, enjoy your drug addiction” (which btw is a pretty un-communist thing to wish homelessness, addiction, and trauma on someone when… isn’t that what we are supposed to be fighting against?) and look at the material conditions which lead to these problems and address those. Create a system which better serves the working class than what the government and owning class shitfucks tries to say is the best we can get. Catch them where the existing system fails them.

Love it! Only criticism would be to have service providers like banks, markets, grocers, etc on the first floor or two of the buildings which could reduce driving, reduce burdens on mass transit, and provide walkability.


I know it is Wikipedia, but feel free to look at the sources they cite here. Seems defense industry folks disagree with you though.

Afaik only US and Israel have first strike doctrine.

‘They painted it with US colors and used US transmitters and hopped on US encrypted comms which had the exact frequency hopping algorithms as US comms and spoke perfect American English and were even able to take off and land from US facilities! Sneaky Russians!’ - some lib brain

or to let them sleep in and wake up to some good espresso, goodness Aru

I always seem to run into you referencing a top/bottom relationship

Had China maintained a better stance of solidarity during those times the USSR might still be around. Of course this is “what if” and not our material reality. Deal with the hand we’re dealt I suppose.

Flag Design: 10/10

Icons Cleaned And Organized: 4/10

EDIT: Format

Freud was a wealthy white guy who did cocaine, the quintessential drug of wealthy white guys on Wall Street who direct these kinds of outlets.

Lowkey identifying each other?
So many communities use little subtle symbols and stickers and such to help identify each other in public. For instance, those of us in the BDSM/kink community can pretty easily recognize the triskelion (looks kinda like a yin/yang except has three droplet shapes inside the circle instead of two, is also usually black and white) if we see a sticker like that on a laptop. Most normies would have no idea what that means though. Are there ways we can sort of identify each other in public that is subtle and not very obvious? A hammer and sickle sticker or Soviet/Chinese flag (or really any red flag with gold stars that looks remotely Communist) on our laptop would draw a lot of unwanted attention if we are just trying to chill in a cafe or some shit. It'd be nice to know occasionally if I had allies in the same room every now and then, shit's lonely.

If the US Empire falls, your plans?
Sorry about the trash title, couldn't think of something more elaborate or appropriate. Also sorry if this isn't the best place to pose this question. So, given the state of world affairs right now, with the decoupling from US currency, soaring prices, impending recession, possible open war, etc., I want to ask fellow US comrades as well as comrades living in other countries like the UK who will be seriously impacted by this: How do you intend to survive the oncoming possible collapse? As we all know, any time there is any sort of crisis, the wealthy are completely unaffected and the burden always falls entirely on working class people. Starvation, homelessness, increased violence, looting, etc. will affect everyone. My household has what would normally be a comfortable income and already this shit is starting to affect us. Or at least that is what the growing empty spaces in our fridge and pantry are telling us, and our electricity bill which doubled since two months ago despite the wattage being about the same. While the collapse of western hegemony will be good for the world at large, collapse doesn't mean disappearance. After all, the Spanish Empire did not suddenly vanish from the world stage just because they lost sea dominance, the United States still might survive as an independent, reactionary, nuclear armed, ultra-conservative, capitalist, shit hole where now the poor are significantly poorer and all those troops stationed overseas are granted law enforcement rights domestically or whatever. And sorry my post is so US-centric, but I can only reasonably speak to local conditions and not as much those of other western nations. I'm interested in what those comrades have to say though for sure! While there are certainly differences in local material conditions there are also a lot of similarities, as well as solutions that can apply to multiple problems. I know (or at least sincerely suspect) that it won't be some world ending apocalypse or whatever doomers will have you believe, but innocent working class people will die. So the question again is: How do you intend to survive the oncoming possible collapse, and possibly even help others?

To Comrades not in a party!..
Just curious and getting a feel, but why? I am not in a party myself, because I can't see any active in my area that I like and those I tried getting in touch with never replied. For now I've settled with joining the IWW and hope to organize my workplace at a later date when I am more settled in, but as of now I am a newbie to my industry and to my company. Maybe once I learn organizing techniques and get a network of people I can trust in my area, I've considered organizing a new party locally, but as of now that is more of a interesting thought than something I can actually accomplish in my current situation with my current knowledge base and current network. What about you? What challenges have held you up so far?

Gun Orgs for Marxists
So I am a bit aware of the John Brown Gun Club and Socialist Rifle Association, but I am looking for more information. Do any comrades here know of or are part of any gun groups for Marxists? Any information could be helpful, including about the two I mentioned. I've heard mixed reviews on both and would like it kind of straightened out. Also additional options or what have you would be nice. I am US based.

So, just wondering why the symbol for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a union, was used for this sublemmy (sorry, don't know what else to call it yet). I mean, I'm supportive of the IWW and am a dues paying wobbly myself. I also support cooperatives and hope to one day be a cofounder and worker/resident at one. However I'm not seeing a direct correlation between the IWW, a majority of whose members are not in a cooperative and cooperatives, a majority of which are not unionized with the IWW, if they are unionized in the first place.