Purism– Librem 14

Introducing the – Librem 14 by Purism

A new purism laptop. Looks like some solid upgrade: 4k , more ram, better screen / bevel ratio, build quality increase, and processor upgrade + all the previous privacy features.


Its a shame were at the point where AMD have the better chips at better prices (a 4800U “ultrabook” is great value) but because we still cannot disable their backdoor subprocessor (despite bios support for it being leaked last year?) its a non-option when me killer exists for Intel systems. Also that nobody has invested the engineering effort to make coreboot work on any Ryzen platform yet outside ChromeOS.


I believe PSP can be “disabled” from any BIOS that supports ryzen. I have a R5 1600 now, so i’d have to check. But I think one concern is what does “disable” mean and is it fully off or at least as close as one can get like with me cleaner.

But from what their devs (MrChromebox) say its mainly the PSP and then coreboot support that stops them from having that as an option. Although I kinda hope they just move to a more open architecture in the future when it is viable (RISCV, ARM, or POWER).

But imo the librem 14 looks good at the current sale price.

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