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Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. I agree with @uiizi@lemmy.ml that now would be a good time for coreboot and neutered ME. Also hoping for a more open source alternatives for the long term (RISCV, POWER, etc).

I think POWER is open source now? i.e. https://www.nextplatform.com/2019/08/20/big-blue-open-sources-power-chip-instruction-set/

But nothing on the mobile front. I am glad we have some promise on the horizon. Looking forward to getting a RISCV, etc computer one day.

For sure. I still have my old GBC and GBA games hanging around for some reason ha. So now I have a reason to hold onto them for a little longer.

Ahhh whoosh on my part ha. But after Nintendo drops support for the switch I would love to look at loading up some custom ROMs/firmware onto it and get some emulators running.

People have done raspberry pi and 3D printed case projects: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/raspberry-pi-gameboy-kit/

I am not sure how much work gets put into those since (while not a pretty and no physical buttons) we can just run emulators on phones. But I did always want to try that, I just need a 3D printer…

Currently I am not sure if yuzu (switch emulator) is super stable. But in any regard analogue doesn’t run switch games.

But I think it does have a microsd slot for homebrew games (not sure how much they locked it down)

Julia AMA

From yesterday, but may be of interest. …

Julia AMA

From yesterday, but may be of interest. …

100%. Its nothing more than shaking you fist in the air and taking a “stand” against China, when there are other real ways to insure the privacy of Americans (in this particular case). Hopefully meaningful change comes out of this.

One would hope it would be easier for people to see that facebook, etc, etc are doing the same thing and that this is a bigger problem then some Chinese-owned social network. Which may or may not just die out like any number of services before it.

Yeah, I thought so… I have a lot of friends with iphones and the UI/UX on that app makes it harder to convince them to move over.

Element is definitely a massive improvement. I believe their iOS app still looks like the old Riot.im app, so that’ll need a redesign, but at least for android it makes moving people over much easier.

Also looking forward to p2p. Holding off on messing with setting up my own server until I know if p2p makes that obsolete.

Looks like parts of the multi threading library are being declared stable. As far as I can tell we are still lacking atomic operations for matrixes. …

Looks like parts of the multi threading library are being declared stable. As far as I can tell we are still lacking atomic operations for matrixes. …

Can new switch revs be “jail broken”? I thought they fixed that, unless a new one was found.

But yeah I think its just a cool (and kinda cheap ~$200) way of using your old GB and etc games. Although perhaps I would just keep using emulators.

Never heard of them before, but seems pretty interesting. According the the article they’ve released hardware before to play older games. …

I’ve been checking up on Yuzu every so often. They had flatpak builds a while ago, but I think they have to reenable those.

Julia Con Minecraft Server

Seems there is a Minecraft server for those interested in playing with other Julia people. …

I thought Mozilla was no longer involved with Thunderbird, besides hosting the project?

It is their responsibility. At a very basic level the government exist to enforce contracts between individuals and to prevent the rights of one person from trampling that of others. E.g. you can’t just burn tires on your property, since your neighbors will be the ones breathing in toxic air.

Short of being an anarchists one can agree to that. If you are that’s fine, but then we disagree on fundamental principals.

You may want to look through the games available here: https://content.minetest.net/packages/?type=game&sort=score&order=desc

I believe some are meant for adventure.

I’d agree that by default its not as pretty (just started playing again a few days ago). Mineclone2 isn’t bad visually, with the exception of some mobs. However, it seems most mods aren’t compatible with mineclone, since it doesn’t export “default”. There are some impressive mods coming out though (techage), so I’ll definitely be playing a bit and keeping an eye on it.

One thing IMO it does better is mods (which makes sense). Just took a look at Minecraft after ~6-7 years and mods are still multiple versions behind. When I played, I recall they were going " improve" the situation.

The government has to do something. They are responsible for public health after all.

With I believe >v5.x, contentDB is baked directly in the game launcher. So all you have to do is go to the content tab and download mods with their deps without ever leaving the game.

Sure, but one has to weigh everyone’s right to not be inflected vs some else’s “right not to wear maks”.

In either case it is mainly enforced by private business with the exception of states that implemented a fine (which can have so many exceptions I can’t forsee anyone really being charged).

I should ask, do you think the government has no authority to enforce such a requirement, I.e. its illegal or that the very concept of gov enforcement of any rule/law is wrong.

This is why I don’t understand how the “small gov” people are against mask. If anything they aid in confusing facial recognition, which one would assume they are in favor of…

Open source voxel game engine Minetest has a new release

Its a pretty good minecraft replacement. The LotR mod is pretty amazing, along with mineclone2, and they have some automation mods as well. …

Wonderful to hear the dystopian future of facial rec being used on protestors in the USA /s…

ProtonVPN is finally on F-Droid

ProtonVPN - Secure and Free VPN (Free Swiss VPN with advanced security and privacy features.) - https://f-droid.org/app/ch.protonvpn.android