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@poVoq@lemmy.ml I miss understood your original comment. Thanks for the clarification. I agree , you should think critically about everything you read. I do think there is utility in hearing suggestions from others and viewing aggregations of sources – as long as you come in with a healthy degree of skepticism and try not to be intellectually lazy.

Yeah , here is hoping they turn into a small cult. I think so much about current events is concerning; however, the thing that gets me the most ‘freaked out’ is the over all trend. I think it is unlikely that “trumpism” will go away with the de platforming of him + some others + parlor – I hope I am wrong. When I look at the radicalization of the right (anecdotally) it seems to be trending ‘extremely’ vs. ‘moderately’. I already see people saying that the right is being silences – which feeds into their message of “poor us” the “liberal cartel” is censoring us, etc… so, I think the next 6 months - 1 year will be really telling. We will see if the systematic de-platforming of individuals promoting violence and conspiracy theories is effective at ‘calming’ things down and , ideally, preventing more violence. As I mentioned in my first post , I do think this is the right move – I am just not 100% it is going to play out the way I hope it does. @RiotingPacifist@lemmy.ml thanks for links – I don’t have time to watch the video now but I will check it out later tonight.

Can GitHub just die already? It would be a huge benefit for the free software community.

I generally use gitlab for my projects. I have a few clients that force me to use github or shitbucket but whenever I have a free choice I use gitlab. I’ve heard people around here mention Gitea as an alternative a few times… But, if github died what would you use instead? I like gitlab because of all the devops automation that is built in. As a single developer I get a lot of value from the included infrastructure; however, if there are other options out there that are more open source / FOSS that come close I might switch.

Historically, I’ve been fine with github but once it sold to Microsoft I started trying to use gitlab.

wow! I wonder what his intent was with injecting. A higher, more concentrated does? A faster reaction? Either way hope they get better. Also, I hope that the research around opioid addiction / use + psilocybin conts. and is proved effective in a manner that allows wide spread availability to those who need or want it in a safe manner.

I am…I am seeking out recommendations that might be outside of my current media bubble so that I can read more “broadly” and form my own opinions – which seems like using my brain to me :) The point of this thread is to hear what others find useful and what others are reading. Though, I take your point that you shouldn’t just blindly read what others read.

Any alternative sources that you would recommend?

awesome, I’ve not seen this site before. Being able to filter by political spectrum is cool – I will definitely add some of these to my rss feed.

thanks for the recommendation. I will give it a shot.

I am a statistician. I work on a lot of different projects, some for corporations and others for public good. While I was in university I had fantastic access to research and papers. I didn’t realize how hard it would be once I left. Historically, I’ve relied on sci-hub heavily to stay up to date on the latest research in my field – without sci-hub I almost certainly would have made “damaging” mistakes, not intentionally but simply do to having to operate off decade old knowledge. I realize that I could pay for many articles ; however , I spend 30 - 50 % of my days reading papers. Probably 1/8 of the papers I read are actually what I am looking for but I need to do the diligence of covering a broad swath of papers in my area of interest to make sure I am not missing anything. As someone who works independently, this level of research would cost a huge amount of money and honestly be preventative. Opening up this information is power. It is empowering. It is how we build a better society and equip people with knowledge. Gating it through universities is straight up dumb. If anything is a public utility , it should be this type of information. Luckily more and more people/universities are aware of this problem. Some universities now publish papers directly onto their university press pages and I’ve had a huge amount of success emailing professors directly asking if they will send me their research – this is a huge pain but often has unexpected benefits (I’ve had several calls with profs that published papers where I’ve been able to ask questions). All that being said , I shouldn’t have to email profs – they are busy, I am busy.


Thanks, this suggestion seems very practical. I will give this a shot.

What sources do you use for news?

I always struggle with what sources I should be reading for news (particularly political news). I don’t want to read only sources that I agree with, but I also struggle finding news sources that aren’t sensationalist and put forward varied view points. Here are a few of the places I frequent (critic…

At first I was shocked that people were doing this ( I know I shouldn’t have been ) but once I saw the photos of the guy(s?) in full tactical gear with zip ties running around, I legitimately got scared. I think the act of terrorism was destined to fail ; however, the ‘preparedness’ of some of the terrorist was distributing. Coming in full tactical gear with zip ties just screams hostage taking… Like, these guys sat at home and thought, “I should go to the capital and try and kidnap a democratically elected official.” I am not saying I love all of the officials but for people claiming to be patriots they really show a lot of distaste for the process, government they live in. But, if they were rational actors they probably wouldn’t have stormed the capital…

I don’t think I “did” anything special. I remember sitting on the couch my brother gave me b/c I couldn’t afford any furniture (crippling college debt & all ) and thinking deeply about transitions, new chapters, and what I was leaving behind. That first day was probably one of the moments I was most aware of change in my life… later I had a few pints of beer and watched “shaun of the dead”, lol.

I think this is a good thing for society, right? On one hand , their fascist/racist/etc. speech is clearly causing serious problems. On the other hand, their speech wont go away but instead be driven to less and less public places – which prevents counter speech but also makes it harder to find and possibly radicalize people. But then again , counter speech doesn’t really seem to be working. In this particular case , I agree – parler needed to go but I am curious what people here think… does the precedent scare anyone? any concerns about what else could be banned going forward?

I am glad to hear that this is being considered / steps are taken to prevent it; however, is there a reason ( outside the general insanity that has taken place over Trump’s presidency ) to be worried about this? Like, did he allude to something or say something previously?

This is pretty cool looking, I will give it a shot. I generally use micro (https://github.com/zyedidia/micro#installation) which I know isn’t as fancy as vi, vim, neovim, etc ; however, it is dead simple and in my opinion is very intuitive.

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - The Valley (Official Audio)

From ‘May Our Chambers Be Full,’ a collaboration between Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou. I find the pure energy and power of Thou mixed with the hauntingly beautiful voice of Emma Ruth Rundle to be absolutely amazing. …

I’ve not owned one of these before ( https://starlabs.systems/pages/lite-mk-iii ) but it looks interesting in terms of a new laptop that is linux native and a bit cheaper ($426/£399) than a lot of purism / system 76 options. The build quality looks nice, but it is hard to judge from screen shots. Here is an OMGubuntu write up on the device. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/07/starlabs-lite-mk-iii-linux-laptop. Also, for work I have a developer edition xps 13 with linux and it is great.

Purism– Librem 14

A new purism laptop. Looks like some solid upgrade: 4k , more ram, better screen / bevel ratio, build quality increase, and processor upgrade + all the previous privacy features…

Now that I am reading about it more, I am less concerned and perhaps a bit excited. The feature fits well into my privacy / convince trade off space.

I don’t know that I fully grokked the video. The thing I don’t get is what the producer of the video does consider art. I think they are saying an artist is(or can be) outside capitalism because they don’t sell their labor for wage and that art stops being art once it is produced/consumed/owned/experienced as a commodity. So art is something created by an artist and someone is only an artist if they create art that isn’t sold? So, the act of not selling + experiencing is art? Or, is art the internal feeling of a non paying audience from a non-wage selling artist , not the actual object itself? might watch it again when I have more time, I am pretty sure I missed part of the message. Either way, this is not something I’ve thought about before :)

Some instrumental drone metal. Earth is a great band that not enough people know about. They definitely aren’t for everyone, but those who appreciate them tend to love them. Hope you enjoy…

  1. America doesn’t have the coronavirus under control.
  2. Outbreaks in various parts of America put “the entire country at risk.”…