Reboot for pristine state?

Is there a distro or strategy/approach for returning an OS to a pristine state on every reboot? (almost like TailsOS, but more configurable/functional)


You’re looking for a stateles system, check out


I think, openSUSE MicroOS and Fedora SilverBlue would also fit your description.

And just in case it’s too obvious, most Live ISOs also work that way. So, the media that you normally use to install a distro, you can also just use without starting the distro installer. Some of them do persist changes to the USB stick or whatever you’ve burned them to, but most don’t.


+1 for MicroOS

I run it on my pi 3 and get rolling autoupdates+reboots that happen overnight. I never have to worry about having an out-of-date server. It can be adjusted if anyone is worried about downtime. It’s basically like having an automatic Arch Linux but in the openSUSE ecosystem. However directories like /var are preserved so that might not be what you’re looking for.


There is nixOS ( and guix ( which both use that approach

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