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There was an infographic linked there for a thing called glue chat that I thought was a nice read! http://a9.io/glue-comic/

It reminds me of the google wave days :(

Yeah as an ex-reddit user this really confused me. I realize this is extra work but could it be a config option?

+1 for MicroOS

I run it on my pi 3 and get rolling autoupdates+reboots that happen overnight. I never have to worry about having an out-of-date server. It can be adjusted if anyone is worried about downtime. It’s basically like having an automatic Arch Linux but in the openSUSE ecosystem. However directories like /var are preserved so that might not be what you’re looking for.

Is it like the rest of Mastodon where if a server goes down, the communities on that server go down too? Or is it possible that if several servers have users that are part of a community, that the community can still operate if one of them is down (even the first server that started the community)