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Zsh is a fast, easy to use, and extensible shell for Linux and BSD based operating systems. And while yes, being fast and easy to use are very important qualities in a shell, most people switch to Zsh because of how darn customizable it is. There are hundreds of useful plugins and beautiful themes that you can install without breaking a sweat. So, if you use Zsh, and would like to improve your workflow with a couple super-useful plugins, I have compiled 5 of my personal favorites that will work on any operating system.

Four of these are not unique to zsh, actually three of them are not even unique to shells, but are simply packages you install on your box. So… Meh!


1, 2, and 5 are built into fish, and 3 & 4 can be accomplished with popular, well-established programs already.

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Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution (or distro for short).

Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project. Many Linux distributions use the word “Linux” in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.


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