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Also, Chromebooks have low profit margines so the price is even lower. They mostly survive on schools and small businesses buying Chromebooks.

A lot of the reason that you can get a Chromebook for around 100$ is that they don’t have to pay for a windows licence like other manufacturers.

To be fair this can and has happened with QT apps, just not on such as big a scale.

GlibC is more ‘boated’ but will give you more support for applications than musl. For example, you can’t run appimages with GlibC. There isn’t much of a difference though. I personally use musl with no problems.

Sorry that this one took so long. It was a problem with Jeckyll, I had to set “Future: true” in the config file to get it to work.

It is a bit strange to me too lol. The Linux directories are a bit confusing, especially as a newbie. I was able to wrap my head around the directories eventually and now I can’t use anything else.

No problem. By the way, your desktop looks amazing.

Have you tried using a wallpaper setter like nitrogen or feh? Just to make sure that it is not the fault of Xorg.

Shit. Sorry, I was really in a hurry, I wrote this in the airport. The links are fixed.