Hi everyone,

upon signing up for Lemmy I thought that I had some interesting content for which at the moment there was no appropriate community (so I created one). Later, /u/dessalines brought this issue up in this post, I realized that I hadn’t posted in quite some time in these communities. I suppose that at the size at which Lemmy is right now, it’s is in a way a mods job to populate the respective communities with some content, as so far honestly speaking there isn’t too much to moderate.

So if you’re interesting in the topic of those respective communities and would be willing to maintain them, please message me.


I would assume most of the content in those can be added to c/Linux or c/opensource so may not be essential at the moment.when there are a lot more users and a lot more specific content they will be useful. I would just delete them or leave them until that time.


Funny, on ieddit I think I was the moderator of archlinux because it was the most appropriate place to post something, but it didn’t exist yet (can’t check now because the site’s been down for days, presumably dead). But I didn’t envision it as a job requiring me to go around hunting for stuff to post there, and I didn’t, although I would’ve moderated anything that came. There’s a difference between moderating and content hunting.


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Totally agree. I’ll ask anyone who wants to take that community to rename it.


I agree with this sentiment. Also right now Lemmy is small enough with a small amount of content per community that occasional memes and jokes would be still on-topic, and later the mods of those communities if the balance tips can negotiate new rules that might warrant another community.

Just because a community name exists on another network, doesn’t necessarily mean it should be here as well (yet).

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