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Yep, that’s exactly what I said. Also, that’s not what the term “safe space” means, but I appreciate the cute “nuh uh, you are.” A for effort or something.

Which is fortuitous, because no one outside of the aforementioned four softy fascists is going to want to be here on Lamer Reddit either.

Thanks for the info. And if I needed a safe space to protect my fragile little mind, I could go back to Reddit, at least they actually have users.

No shit. So will the rest of the Internet except the four softy fascists who need an even safer space than Reddit.

I had just about finished writing a reply, when it spontaneously disappeared, and I’m not writing it again. Oh well.

Well that didn’t take long, for the rules to become even more restrictive than the bastion of free speech that is Reddit. Should help adoption of the fledgling platform skyrocket.

Obviously I’m painting with a hilariously wide brush here, because I know and have otherwise met a fuckton of Europeans I love (I’ve been to Europe more times than I can remember), but generally speaking, especially online, they’re a bunch of self-righteous assholes, and their main “tech industry” consists of trying to regulate and tax the American tech companies they would never admit they wish they had because they missed the boat (often justifying it from shore with said bullshit self-righteousness).

The EU can generally go fuck itself, but I’m 158.3 gajillionty percent behind anyone who forces phone manufacturers to make batteries replaceable again.

So it is alleged.

@TommsteintoMemesThis restroom

This looks familiar. Forget where I’ve seen it (or something really, really similar) though.

The Nazis, Osama bin Laden, and a whole lot of other shitstains in history weren’t overcome by love.

If only they were massively tracking my Note 3 that got stolen in Ibiza a few years ago . . . .

Is it though? Would you want to sell 100% of the software to an economy consisting of 5 computers, or 50% of the software to an economy consisting of a trillion computers? Pretty much the same argument some use against supporting Linux, “it’s only 2% of all desktops, not worth our time to support it.” Yeah, 2% of a billion desktops is still 20 million potential customers, aka a metric shitton, that you’re blowing off.

There is approximately a 0.0% chance in hell that I’m doing either one. Fuck Reddit.

Funny, on ieddit I think I was the moderator of archlinux because it was the most appropriate place to post something, but it didn’t exist yet (can’t check now because the site’s been down for days, presumably dead). But I didn’t envision it as a job requiring me to go around hunting for stuff to post there, and I didn’t, although I would’ve moderated anything that came. There’s a difference between moderating and content hunting.

Arch. Current install is nine years old.